Grant Lyon - New Zealand Sculptor & Artist

by The REJIGIT Blog

Grant Lyon is a Sculptor and Artist based in Wellington.

He devoted approximately one thousand hours of his time to creating a magnificent example of a rammed earth, living sculpture which he donated to the Innermost Community Gardens in Mt Victoria, Wellington.

The work is entitled Yeah Nah (the form is modelled on a Loatian friend of the Artist and whose name is Nah).                                                                             

This is an excellent example of public space, architectural art and the Artist’s generosity of spirit in making his work available to people of Wellington is to be much applauded.

The sculpture is of imposing proportions (eight metres long & six cubic metres of soil, clay and sand) and is also designed to be of practical use (it can be sat on).

Even the composition of materials has been carefully designed; the outer layer (her skin) consists of compost, microbial based fertilizer, paramagnetic rock dust and grass infused with mycorrhizal fungi. Ferromagnetic sand is arranged in strips in order to increase electrical flow over the work.


                                                            Work in progress


Rejigit congratulates Grant on this impressive installation.

The Artist will consider commissions at any location in New Zealand and he is able to undertake work of varied and major extent. He can be contacted at 021 1742603.