Some ideas about establishing an Art Collection

by The REJIGIT Blog

The beginnings of an Art Collection.

...Visit as many Galleries and Art Dealers as possible and keep making the rounds as regularly and as often as possible.

...When starting out it can be a good idea to focus on a genre or theme to collect.


                                                                (Doris Lusk - Cass)

...There are various schools of thought which suggest Art stretches between conceptual art and decorative art and within the spectrum there is a range between historic art and contemporary art. Somewhere mid-stream is probably a good place to begin. 


                                                      (Lois White - Pattern inspired by rain)

...The more you look at Art, the more discerning you might become and the more you may come to appreciate what your tastes in Art are and those tastes may change in the course of time.

...Attempt to form art relationships, particularly with upcoming artists and sculptors whose work is more likely to be affordable to begin with and importantly, whose work may become more valuable as they become more recognised.


                                                       (Olivia Spencer Bower - Kaikoura Country)

...Do as much research as possible including high-end magazines and books etc. The Internet is an amazing repository of information and news including reports on pieces sold at auction and there are outstanding high quality images from many international collections available to view on-line.

...If you can purchase some works by established New Zealand artists, such work may be more readily sold-on in the event something you have bought proves not ideal for you.


                                                                  (Rita Angus - Self Portrait)

...Try not to buy the first work which may take your eye. Wait until you have browsed an entire gallery or several galleries and keep coming back to a particular work several times.

...Rely on what you see and not on what you may hear is fashionable and don't be influenced by the opinions of other about what represents good taste.

...Be careful at auctions where sometimes you may only have the opportunity of viewing only one of any particular Artist's work and maybe what you are looking at is not necessarily one of the artist's better examples.


                                                          (Gotfried Lindaur - Paora Tuhaere)

...Buy because you consider something will be a good investment and you are impressed but if you don't think you can live a prospective buy, day after day after day, don't pass go.

...Buy slowly and deliberately in order to build a collection over an extended period.

...Don't be fixated on any particular artist or any particular place to buy from.

Rejigit encourages the surrounding of oneself with things tasteful, entertaining and thought provoking. Happy collecting.