Bringing a shipwreck back to life.

by The REJIGIT Blog

Cut from a rusting shipwreck, an installation called Temp’L is a hollowed-out section of a hull which has been transformed into a restful seating and performance space outside the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in South Korea.

Located in Seoul, Temp’L comprises an original corroding exterior contrasting with a white painted interior and incorporates planted greenery inside and out.

The exterior has been left to naturally corrode while contrasting with the freshness of a pristine white interior. A balcony and spiral staircase allows visitors to wind their way up inside the structure to a semi-enclosed alcove shrouded by trees.

This is a magnificent example of utilising what might otherwise have been useless in its then form into something of beauty and interest.

Images are courtesy of Shinslab Architecture and photographer Kim Yong-Gwan.

Shinslab Architecture is based in Seoul and in Versailles, France. Claire Shin, Charles Girard, Souho Lee, Camille Chalverat, Javier García González, and Taewoo Ha were all part of the Temp’L project.