A brilliant example of the art of 3-D Printing.

by The REJIGIT Blog

When someone dies in China, it is usual for the body of the deceased to be displayed at their funeral ceremony and understandably those near and dear to the recently departed would prefer that the body looks as presentable as possible. In the unfortunate event that the deceased expired as a consequence of an accident, the head may be disfigured and a funeral parlour business in China is using 3-D Printing to make the best of a distressing situation.

Requiring only one good photograph of the deceased pre accident, this revolutionary 3-D printing technique is able to render a freakishly accurate (95% similarity) 3 dimensional facsimile of a human face including hair. The process relies on U.S. software and takes between five and ten hours, The cost is approximately NZ$1200.

The technology may also have applications in terms of monumental busts and other objects