The ambience of Paris via some of the City's storefronts.

by The REJIGIT Blog

German photographer Sebastian Erras collaborated with Carmen Perez of Italian company Pixartprinting to produce the photo series ‘Paris Re-Tale’. This is a delightful look at Paris through some of its shop-front windows.

Similar series have also been produced by the collaboration focusing on the cities of Milan, Lisbon, Barcelona, Venice and London.

Sebastian Erras

Carmen Perez

Shopping in Paris has been a grandiose affair since the 19th century when its famous grands magasins (department stores) opened on the grand boulevards. The fascination of Paris extends further than its architecture and galleries and this photo series demonstrates the past and present vibrancy of retailers, artisans, restaurants etc.

What makes Paris so grand is its fascinating mix of large stores, markets and boutiques specialising in everything imaginable and doing it as only Paris can do. Every vintage shop tells a story of dedicated and passionate men and women.

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All images are courtesy of Pixartprinting and Sebastian Erras Photography.