From factory to offices in Guangzhou.

by The REJIGIT Blog

Re-designing and renovating the large former Zengcheng Paper Mill factory into a functional and upmarket office space must have been a challenging project.

The building is known as “Office of 1978 Cultural Creative Park” in Guangzhou and the 1,577 sq.m. (17,000 sq.ft.) former factory is now an open-plan hub of individual offices.

Lee Architectural & Design Group (LAD) was established in Hong Kong and Guangzhou in 2004 and the architectural practice was responsible for overseeing this project.

There may be lessons to be learnt by property developers from projects like this. It can be problematic maintaining a balance between preserving the feel of the old and bringing a space into a modern era, all in a tasteful manner.

Rejigit has seen too many examples of how not to go about such projects and LAD are to be congratulated on what they have achieved with this instance