‚ÄčThis is a different version of glamping.

by The REJIGIT Blog

Bubbletent Australia operates on a one thousand acre property located approximately 200km from Sydney's CBD and overlooking the Capertee Valley about halway between the Mudgee wine region and Lithgow. Capertee Valley is the second largest canyon in the world and the region is a significant bird habitat with approximately two hundred and fourty two different species.

Their bubble tents include most of what you might expect in an upmarket hotel room including a spacious bed, eco-friendly bathroom and running water and guests are provided with a telescope and an iPad loaded with playlists and apps to help with stargazing and wildlife spotting.

The exact location of bubble tent sites are kept secret until bookings are confirmed in order to ensure that the experience is secluded and private.

Transparent, inflatable bubble tents are available via AliExpress with free shipping; 3m dia US$560, 4m dia $780, 6m dia US$860.