We can't quite get our head around this magic.

by The REJIGIT Blog

Australian (South Africa born) and latterly New York based artist Cj Hendry continues to demonstrate her extraordinary talents.

Complimentary Colors” is a series produced by the artist which renders images of swathes of oil paint utilising only coloured pencils. The series is testament to the artist’s impressive skill in layering dry pigment to render super realistic images which one would normally think possible only via the application of paint.

In 2015 her series comprising fifty drawn pieces entitled “50 Foods in 50 Days”, each measuring 75cm x 75cm, is a series of images of Hermes plates with various food items on individual plates which sold for $8800 each.

Some of the artists complex drawing works can take in excess of three weeks to complete and prices for her work can now be more than $80,000.

Her debut exhibition was mounted at The Trophy Room in the Greene Street pop-up space in New York. From the outset, Cj Hendry has used Instagram to effectively promote her work.

She specialises in extremely finely detailed photo-realistic drawings of famous brands and objects and within her first year of operation she sold her first piece, a larger than life pair of RM Williams boots to a Sydney collector for $10,000.

In 2014, she presented a piece of her work to Kanye West backstage at a Brisbane concert. The work was an image of West’s face on a hundred dollar bill and Hendry had the foresight to arrange a photo of herself delivering the work and it proved to be a most effective promotional manoeuvre.