​A "Singles" initiative by Christchurch's Court Theatre.

by The REJIGIT Blog

After losing their previous theatre within the Christchurch Arts Centre complex as a consequence of earthquake damage, The Court Theatre is firmly re-established at Bernard Street, Addington, in Christchurch in what was once a long standing grain storage facility.

This is a vibrant and energetic theatre company with a permanent staff of sixty together with hundreds of actors and artists who deliver nineteen very polished productions each year.

The theatre company recently announced an initiative called “Play Mates” which is designed to encourage members who are “Single” to attend company performances when they might otherwise be reluctant to attend on their own.

Members are offered an opportunity to meet in the theatre’s foyer for pizza and wine before enjoying a performance together and meeting again after the performance for more mingling and discussion. Gatherings are hosted by a member of the Court Theatre’s community and everyone is made to feel well at ease.

It is thought there may be many in the community who would like to attend theatre performances but don’t have anyone to attend with and don’t feel comfortable attending alone.

This sounds like a grand idea and Rejigit congratulates The Court Theatre for their inventiveness.

Visit https://courttheatre.org.nz for more information.

Images via The Court Theatre