The Art of the Barber doesn’t get any more hip than this.

by The REJIGIT Blog

In the modern world, most guys are very particular about how they present. The term Metrosexual is a blend of the words, metropolitan and heterosexual and describes a male who is quite meticulous about his grooming and appearance and is willing to spend significant time and money to look his best.

Chaps & Co is a men’s barber and grooming salon with the motto “Keep it Handsome”. A standard cut and beard trim is on the menu at the equivalent of NZ$75.

Chaps & Co opened their first site in 2015 at Jumeirah Lake Towers in Dubai. A second site was commissioned in 2016 in the Marina district of Dubai and about a year ago a third location was opened on the mezzanine floor of Building Six in the upmarket Dubai Design District.

While the design is inspired by the traditional English barbershop, Chaps & Co stores are designed to create a contemporary uptown atmosphere appropriate for the modern dude and Rejigit salutes their enterprise.

Custom made joinery fashioned from smoked oak features throughout. Joinery pieces are grooved to a depth of 350mm in order to bring about a projection of shadows and stainless steel beads are incorporated to direct shafts of light.

Interior design by Nicholas Szczepaniak Architects based in London’s Soho District.