​A new and vibrant Inner-City Supermarket in Christchurch.

by The REJIGIT Blog

05 November 2018

FreshChoice City Market is a class front-runner featuring in the post earthquake re-establishment of the Christchurch Central Business District. Located in The Crossing building at 71 Lichfield Street (80 meters North from the Colombo / Lichfield corner). City Market is in the same building as The Crossing Carpark ($2 for the first two hours) and approx 200 meters from the Lichfield Street Carpark (first hour free). The store is open seven days 7:00am – 9:00pm.

City Market’s philosophy is “Loyal to Local”. That is to say; "Where possible, we showcase local growers and artisan producers from Canterbury".


Allpress coffee and La Marzocco espresso equipment at the instore coffee shop lil’Ruby Expresso produces excellent coffee.

Some of the instore local brands include Peter Timbs Meats, Theo’s Fisheries, Vic’s Bakery, Divine Cakes, The Good Oil Co, Chocolate Traders, Wash Creek Organic Lamb and Beef, J. Friend and Co Honey, Craft Farmers Co Op Organic Eggs, Breads of Europe and Jaime les Macaron.

City Market is being proactive in New Zealand’s elimination of single-use plastic bags by offering for sale 100% compostable, environmentally friendly shopping bags manufactured from cornstarch.

City Market's "Click and Collect service" allows customers to do their shopping online and pick it up later in-store or have it delivered. Another new initiative, "City Market Business Box" makes it easy for businesses to order online and have supplies delivered. Businesses can also order fresh flowers from the impressive instore display to add ambiance to their own premises.

Duck fat is considered by many Chefs to be the ultimate for frying and roasting but unfortunately the product is not available everywhere. It is gluten free and has a silky mouth feel, a subtle and savoury flavour and a high smoke point. A Rejigit suggestion for roast potatoes; Peel potatoes such as Agria and bring to a slow boil until par-cooked (it is preferable for the cooked potatoes to be slightly flaky). Drain and immerse in cold water then spread the potatoes on a tea-towel to dry (being careful to keep the flaky bits intact). Pre-heat oven to 200°C. Squeeze some Riverside Farm Duck Fat into a roasting dish and as best you can cover all of the potatoes with Duck Fat then let the oven do the magic. The Duck Fat is sealed in a plastic pouch inside a re-sealable outer pack which sits up well in a refrigerator for ongoing use.

St Louis Pork Baby Back Ribs marinated in Glasseye sauce is a brilliant idea from Peter Timbs Meats. Rejigit cooking suggestions; Simply barbeque, grill or roast. Or with a little more effort, Sous Vide will produce a guaranteed gourmet result. Keep the Baby Back Ribs in the plastic pouch they come packed in and put the pouch into a Sous Vide bath. Long and slow at a constant temperature is the basic Sous Vide concept. It is a time / temperature balance and by way of example these rib racks would suit something in the range of 24 hours @ 57°C or 6 hours @ 75°C. At the end of the Sous Vide process, serve as is or they could be finished with a brief flash-grill on a barbeque.

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