​A restoration proposal for the Nôtre-Dame Cathedral

by The REJIGIT Blog

12 May 2019

Rejigit previously wrote about the tragic fire at Notre Dame Cathedral  http://rejigit.co.nz/vendor/article.php?uid=h2

There will no doubt be many proposals to restore the historic Cathedral and this is one of the first. 

Vincent Callebaut Architectures is considered to be one of the top fifty Green Planet Architects and was founded by Belgian-born, Paris-based lead architect Vincent Callebaut who describes himself as an Archibiotect and he graduated from the Université libre de Bruxelles.

Callebaut has entitled his concept Palingenesis which translated from its Greek origin means rebirth or recreation.  The framework of the replacement spire would be constructed using oak cross laminated timber beams pre-stressed with carbon-fibre slats and the architectural design would ensure the minimum amount of constructional material allowing for a low-carbon footprint and the greatest possible transparency.

Considering that the tragic Cathedral fire occurred less than a month ago on the 15th of April last, Vincent Callebaut has worked quickly to produce such an impressive proposition.