An exclusive retreat delicately set in New Zealand’s majestic alpine hinterland.

by The REJIGIT Blog

17 May, 2019

The Lindis” is a recently commissioned, high-end luxury lodge nestled into rolling country in the remote Ahuriri Valley in New Zealand's South Island. The Lindis offer their guests the opportunity to be overwhelmed by some of New Zealand’s most spectacular terrain while enjoying the sophisticated luxury of their lodge.

The Lodge has been constructed on a sector of Ben Avon, a high country farming station. Geologically speaking, the site is a moraine wall formed by ancient retreating glaciers and overlooks the pristine Ahuriri River fed by waters originating in the Southern Alps of New Zealand. All lodge suites have mountain views and river views and the lodge itself faces north up the Ahuriri Valley.

The architectural design is the work of Architecture Workshop a Wellington based architectural practice founded by Christopher Kelly. The architectural concept presented a demanding construction project in as much as every wall and every part of the roof are curved and complex.

The architectural lines of the 800 sq.m. / NZ$15 million building identify with the contours of its immediate surrounds and when viewed against the overarching Huxley Range is rendered almost indiscernible.

William Hudson is the General Manager of the Lindis Group which also includes the upmarket tourist lodge establishments Parora Bay Winery in the Bay of Islands near Russell, Chalet New Zermatt, a six minute drive from Queenstown and Mt Isthmus Station on the shores of Lake Hawea (soon to be completed). Mr Hudson indicated that The Lindis clientele thus far tends to have originated USA, UK and Europe with Germany being an important source of business. William discussed one of The Lindis Group’s core corporate values which focuses on minimising to the greatest possible degree the environmental impact of all aspects of their group operations. By way of example, grazing leaseholders of 6000 acres of the Ben Avon estate are required to restrict all fertiliser topdressing to outside a nominated distance from all waterways. A Beech reafforestation project is being investigated.

A range of high country outdoor activities are available to guests including Fly-Fishing, Horse Trekking, Gliding, Hiking, E-Biking, Ecological Tours, Clay Bird Shooting, Off-Road Buggy Exploring..

Room costs are as quoted on booking. com and The Lindis tariffs include haute cuisine meals.


Images with the consent of The Lindis