​Dramatic transformations from unloved machinery to emotional sculptures.

by The REJIGIT Blog

In her "Blown Away" series, Devon based, British artist Penny Hardy created life-size metal sculptures fashioned from recycled machinery and engineering parts inspired by the human body.

In the artist’s words; “By using discarded man-made metal items which have been so skilfully made and used to create their own mechanical energy, I hope to extend their life in another form, to re-use that energy for a different purpose and exchange their function to create a new entity.”

Penny originally trained as a scientific illustrator and when her interest in three dimensional forms developed, she transferred her strong connection to the natural and human landscape into sculpture. She chose to use metal machinery parts because they were intended to be resilient and strong, yet were thrown away at the slightest hint of failure. She felt that the so-called imperfect pieces should be recycled in order to reflect some of the effect machinery has had on our lives and the environment.

Penny has exhibited throughout the UK since her first public exhibition of dance sculptures in 2006. Recently she exhibited one of her Blown Away works at the Beaulieu Palace House and Gardens, a 13th_ century property in Beaulieu in Hampshire. She undertakes privately commissioned work for clients around the world.

Rejigit applauds Penny Hardy in recognition of her powerful and enduring sculptural statements and her demonstration of artistic and engineering skill.

                                              The Kiss (178cm x 90cm x 120cm)

You Blew me Away (159cm x 75cm x 50cm)

Break Free (158cm x 45cm x 60cm)

In a Spin (180cm x 50cm x 30cm)

Duality (159cm x 72cm x 45cm)

Erosion (159cm x 45cm x 40cm)

Yin & Yang (159cm x 80cm x 50cm)

Resilience (160cm x 85cm x 50cm)

Images have been used with the consent of the artist.