Outstanding winners of this year’s International Photography Awards.

by The REJIGIT Blog

International Photography Awards (IPA) conducts an annual global competition for professional, amateur and student photographers and the theme for this year's competition was "Movement".

The Founder and President of IPA is Hossein Farmani and International Awards Inc is based in Los Angeles.

Competition specifications for submitted digital images are; no larger than 4MB per image saved as JPG high compression files, 72 dpi and minimum 1,000 pixels on the longest side.

The title image for this Rejigit article is Polkadot On Memory Bliss by Hardijanto Budiman (24mm, 1/200, F4, ISO 200) Inspired by Japanese contemporary artist Yayoi Kusama (Dots Obsession 2009). Honourable Mention - One Shot: Movement / Fine Art.

Wild Carrot (Daucus carota) by Anne Mason-Hoerter of Germany (Nikon D70s, LeicaD-Lux) 1st  Place - One Shot: Movement / Fine Art.


Wallace Flying Frog (a moss frog found in Malaysia and western Indonesia) by Chin Leong Teo of Singapore (1/1250 sec, ISO 1250, f/13, Sony a6500) 1st Place - One Shot: Movement / Nature.


Rice Growers (near Lijiang, in Yunnan, China. Women belonging to Bai, Naxi and Yi ethnic tribes) by Jacopo Maria Della Valle of Italy (Nikon D750 Full frame 70-200 Tamron 98mm 1/400 f6.3 ISO 100) 1st Place - One Shot: Movement / People.


School Run Rwanda (Burundi) by Benjamin Buckland of Switzerland (1/15 Sec, ISO 160, f22, cropped sensor) 1st Place - One Shot: Movement / Street Photography.


The Urban Semiconductor by Youngkeun Sur of Korea (F11, 15seconds, iso64, D850) 1st Place - One Shot: Movement / Technology / Machine.