Some useful online links and tips courtesy of TikTok contributors.

by The REJIGIT Blog

..Discover Fonts:

..Become a Google Ads Specialist: Skillshop with,  Google Ads Search Certification (i.e. become Google Certified for free).

..Online Photoshop lookalike app: Photopea.

..Youtube avoid ads: add a period to the end of a URL.

..Download YouTube videos: add pp to the end of a URL.

..YouTube shortcuts: Pause & Unpause “K”, 10 secs forward “L”, 10 secs back “J”.

..Select a pinned application on task bar: Win Key + the number of an application counting from the left of pinned Applications.

..Repurpose a Video: Find the video (YouTube etc), copy URL, go to Veedio, click “upload a new video" Free fake email address in 10 minutes (for websites which insist on an email address in order to sign up)

..Discounted Text Books:

..Google Drive websites for free: In Google Drive go to +New - More - Google Sites.

..Fonts for Videographers: Aileron, Gotham Bold, Gloss & Bloom.

..Track courier packages: (uses google maps to track where a package is)

..Online colour palette & images:

..Apply discount codes & find cheaper prices:

..Scan files prior to downloading:

..New Zealand price check websites:, (Broadband price comparisons).  Download & update programs (with unwanted addons removed).

..Free offline World Map:

..Marketing sites: (data management), (Site performance),

..Microsoft Windows File Recovery Tool app: Microsoft Store ..Browser Shortcuts: History ~ Ctrl + H, Clear History ~ Ctrl + Shift + Del, Cycle Tabs ~ Ctrl + Tab.

..Zoom shortcuts: Zoom In ~ Ctrl +, Out ~ Ctrl -, Normal View ~ Ctrl + 0

..Search for a word or phrase on a website: Ctrl + F.

..Close out of a browser: Alt + F4, Right Click: Shift + F10

..Free Business Resources: (free design templates), (photo images), (free stock images & videos), (free illustrations), (free shipping supplies), (Visually plan, schedule and analyse posts for Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter).

..Create a Presentation:

..Animated scrolling text for phones etc (Text LED):

..Email news letters which stand out:

..Ai photographic Image Enhancer: Luminar 4.

..Edit Video:

..Price Checker: Go to Chrome Store & download Alitools & add to Chrome browser.

..Transcribe Video:

..Where to source product: Fashion wholesaler , Wholesale Market Place , Suppliers / Manufacturers Directory , Drop Shipping Site - Oberlo


..Access scholarly articles (Sci-hub)

..Colour Match:

..Remove background noise: Nvidia app

..TikTok on Laptop: Download Bluestacks, Search for TikTok – install.

..Discover similar songs & create Spotify Playlists:

..Sticky Notes (online whiteboard platform):

..Rename a computer: Right click Start button, Left click System, Rename this PC.

..Symbol generator:

..Instagram Line Break Generator:

..Create App shortcut: Go to an App, Right Click, Properties, Short Cut Key, Create a Short Cut, OK.

..Web downloads:

..Record a screen: Mac ~ Command + Shift + 5, Win 10 ~ Win Key + G

..Ai Build Apps (Open Ai) (GPT-3):

..Online Shopping (free shipping world-wide):

..Transparent textures:

..Track website changes:

..Download email addresses:

..Website icons:

..Compress Images:

..Merge two PDF files:

..Invoice templates:

..Remove the background from an image:

..Add sub-titles to a video file:

..Listen to international Radio Stations:

..Online transcription:

..Windows Screen Shot: Win + Alt + PrtSc

..Windows Screen Record: Win + Alt + G

..Windows Start / Stop Recording: Win + Alt + R

..Windows Microphone On/Off: Win + Alt + M

..Windows Start / Stop Broadcast: Win + Alt + B

..Delete Web accounts:

..Find free alternatives:

..Access multiple items saved to Clipboard: Windows + V (Clipboard history must be turned on)

..Subdue screen blue-light:

..Scroll down in browser - one page at a time: Tap Spacebar. Scroll up one page at a time – Left Shift + Spacebar.

..Virtual Clone Drive:

..Bookmark and open multiple tabs at once: Right click Bookmark bar, add folder, name new folder, highlight URL, click and drag URLs to new folder, open individual bookmarked URLs or right click folder & open all.

..Corrupted Windows Installation: Ctrl + Alt + Del, Automatic Repair, Advanced Options, Troubleshoot, Command Prompt, C:\>bootrec / fixbmbr, C:\>bootrec / fixboot

..Emerging online trends:

..Delete one word at a time: Ctrl + Backspace.

..Online electronics shopping:

..Quick clear of browser cache: Ctrl + Shift + Delete.

..Reverse image search option:

..Open source intelligence: - Online searching

..Photoshop is Raster based and uses pixels. Adobe Illustrator allows a vector logo etc to scale to any size without loss of image quality

..Cornell Note Taking method:

..Free computer games:

..Lower WIFI latency: Control Panel, Network and Internet, Network and Sharing Centre, Change Adapter Settings, Right click Wi-Fi, Properties, Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4), Change DNS to press O’K.

..Online research:

..Optimise a Resume:

..Search a YouTube video transcript: Click the "Three Dot Menu" underneath the YouTube video. In the menu that opens up, click "Open Transcript". The transcript will appear to the right of the video. Windows - Press "Ctrl + F" to open up the "Find Bar".

..Discover what a particular Font is:

..Messaging multiple people:

..Generate a free QR Code with Excel: Excel, Insert, Get Add-ins, q4office – search, click QR4Office, Add, copy & paste URL etc.

..JavaScript animations:

..Delete temporary files: Win key + R (opens Run window), %temp%, highlight temp files & delete (Action cannot be completed – Skip, Administrator - continue).

..Quick analysis tool in Excel: Highlight all data on a sheet & Quick Analysis (Ctrl + Q) appears bottom right, click and a series of options is available (graphs charts etc).

..Inspirational Websites: All Things Font , Innovative Websites Packaging + Logos Brand Experience

..Get info about fonts & colours etc used on any website: Chrome extension CSS Peeper

..Check background apps running: Right click Windows icon, Task Manager, sort by Network Usage

..Scan a file with multiple online virus scanners: Download a file – go to - upload file to be scanned.

..Discover what is tracking you:

..Create social media video:

..Create an email signature:

..AI compose a poem with your own name in it:

..AI generated original art images refreshed every hour:

..Create a Headline for email, website or product etc:

..Creative image editing (Snapseed):