​Tattoos are considered by some to be skin art.

by The REJIGIT Blog

May 2021

People get themselves tattooed for many and varied reasons all of which are entirely a matter of personal choice. It seems to Rejigit that in twenty or thirty years, some may reach the conclusion that getting their inking done wasn’t such a clever move. Time can take a savage toll on the body in terms of shape and skin integrity and what may have been a presentable tattoo at the outset, may in the course of time, transmogrify into a horror story. Careful consideration of tattoo style and design could help mitigate the risk of future embarrassment which brings us to Eva Karabudak (aka Eva Krbdk). 

Eva is of Turkish origin and is now the proprietor of tattoo parlour Atelier Eva located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York. She attended Gazi University in Ankara where she became an Art Major in 2007. She has since achieved international renown for her unique and intricately detailed, micro-realism tattoos whereby she creates colourful scenes of nature, urban landscapes and reproductions of iconic works of art enclosed in miniature circles.