Outstanding sculptural works from a young Australian artist

by The REJIGIT Blog

November 2021

Jordan Sprigg is a 28 year old master sculptor based at Narembeen, a town in the wheat-belt region of Western Australia, 286 km east of Perth. He has previously undertaken university study of psychology however in terms of his very impressive artistic work, he is entirely self taught and he is fortunate to have been blessed with inherent sketching skills. His studio workshops are part of his family’s farm in Narembeen and his artistic production spans the past eight years.

He uses materials from redundant machinery and scrap steel heaps and some of the pieces can date to over one hundred years old and may have even been used by early settlers of Western Australia. Many of his sculptures are purposely left with their very lived-in patina to highlight the age of the components and featuring the history of each piece. He produces studio pieces together with private and public commissions and he encourages his private clients to provide some materials of their own for him to incorporate into their commissioned work in order to instill individual sentimental value.

Each year he aims to create about twelve sculptural pieces which usually includes two large works which can each take up to three months to produce.

Rejigit salutes his artistic endeavors!

This article's title image is "Angus Bull" (2021): The sculpture weighs in at 600kg and is comprised of old tools, machine parts and general farm scrap. It required approximately 350hrs of meticulous work and upon completion it was relocated to its new home at Sheron farm in Harvey, Western Australia.

“Never Smile At A Crocodile” is for sale at A$65,000 (375cm L x 130cm W x 170cm H)