Covid - Early Action for Faster Recovery

by The REJIGIT Blog

November 2021

This most excellent and easy to read Covid cheat sheet was put together by a group of experts in their various fields. The group is collectively known as Wanaka Health Bridge and comprises; Kaz von Heraud-Parker - Naturopath, Nutritionist, Herbalist. Dr Mark Edmond – GP. Harnam Sudan – Pharmacist. Aaron Heath – Pharmacist. Nikki Potts – Naturopath. Hazel Thomas – Nutritionist. Dr Kate Glasgow – Chiropractor. Prairie Pritchett - Yoga and Pilates Teacher. Jessica Anderson - Certified Nutrition Consultant. Charlotte McGowan - Graphic Design and Web Design. Dave Thomas - Graphic Design & Fiona Mangos - Communications Support.

Rejigit had a chat to Fiona Mangos the Communications Coordinator and she explained that the group were concerned that Wanaka does not have hospital facilities in the immediate vicinity and that being the case, they would do whatever they could to assist local residents to prepare for and hopefully avoid Covid infection. Their advice obviously applies for anyone, wherever they may be. Fiona also mentioned that everyone involved in the project have given very generously of their own valuable time and it is strictly non-profit. Rejigit applauds the work of Wanaka Health Bridge!

A link to their website