World’s first 3D modelling software for the female anatomy

by The REJIGIT Blog

May 2022

Elsevier is a global business based in Dublin and with offices worldwide. The company has been around in one form or other since 1880.

Elsevier Health has developed the world’s first complete 3D representation of the female anatomy allowing it to be studied in exquisite and minute detail. The female model software provides far more intricate insight into the workings of human anatomy and creates greater parity in terms of  the understanding of female and male bodies.

The new software tool will help to prevent women being incorrectly diagnosed and it is currently being used in more than three hundred and fifty medical learning institutions.

Historically the teaching of anatomy has been based on the male form with female differences added as an adjunct. The female form is essentially more slender than that of the male and there are obvious differences in sexual dimorphic characteristics.

This ground breaking technology took four years for a team of specialists to bring to fruition and it is considered to be a game changer.

The annual licence fee for the 3D4Medical Elsevier Complete Anatomy app is US$109.40 for students and US$145.90 for professionals. A free three day trial of the app is available.

Irene Walsh is the Director of Product, Design & Content at 3D4Medical from Elsevier and she is the leader of the product team. She pitched for the project to be undertaken and oversaw its delivery.