An illustrated commentary on human frailties.

by The REJIGIT Blog

Toni Hamel was born in Italy and is now based in Ashawa, Toronto.

The images in this article are some from a series called “High tides and misdemeanors” (2017 – 2020) which reflects Toni’s concerns for the natural environment which is the driving force behind her surreal works. Toni has described how her experience with mental illness has helped to develop her sensitivity to "things that are deeper than the surface.” As she also says, "I fight for the underdog and maybe that's where it's coming from, my psychological predispositions."

She holds a BFA from the Accademia di Belle Arti of Lecce (Italy, 1983), a post-graduate Certificate in Computer Graphics from Sheridan College (Canada, 1991), The Golden Key National Honour Society Award from the University of Toronto (Specialist Programme in Psychology, 1997). She is also the recipient of the Lubiam Prize (Milan, 1983) together with many other awards.

More information about Toni and her work is available at

The Replacement (Oil on canvas  20" x 24")

Field and Stream (Oil on cradled panel 12" x 12")

Loves me, Loves me not (Oil on canvas 18" x 18")

The Harvest (Oil on canvas 12" x 16")

Like a fish out of water (Oil on canvas 24" x 24")

Ikebana II (Oil on canvas  16" x 16")

Floaters (Oil on cradled panel  18" x 24")

The Imposter (Oil on cradled panel  24" x 24")

The Heist (Oil on cradled panel 20" x 24")

4th of July (Oil on cradled panel 20" x 24")


All images have been reproduced by Rejigit with the kind consent of the Artist and the photographic portrait image of Toni Hamel is by Tom Ridout