​A very fine new Gallery and House Museum for Christchurch

The REJIGIT Blog13/12/2021

Covid - Early Action for Faster Recovery

The REJIGIT Blog26/11/2021

Outstanding sculptural works from a young Australian artist

The REJIGIT Blog16/11/2021

Extraordinary architectural wirework

The REJIGIT Blog24/11/2019

A free online course for those with an interest in architecture.

The REJIGIT Blog01/03/2018

A modern version of a historic chair design.

The REJIGIT Blog05/10/2016

A stunning five storey house in Dallas, Texas.

The REJIGIT Blog01/06/2017

​A Japanese researcher is working on a Alzheimer’s Vaccine.

The REJIGIT Blog14/09/2021

The Art of Kintsugi can save the day.

The REJIGIT Blog26/10/2016

The Christchurch manager of The Pumphouse Demolition Yard has an affinity with heritage buildings.

The Pump House Demolition Yard05/03/2016

A solution to Auckland's housing woes ?

The REJIGIT Blog09/11/2016

The Little Big Tree Company - Christchurch

The Little Big Tree Company28/04/2016