An illustrated commentary on human frailties.

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​Controversial Three Waters scheme is causing deep rifts in New Zealand society.

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​Injudicious comment gave rise to confused argument in New Zealand

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Extraordinary architectural wirework

The REJIGIT Blog24/11/2019

Frobisher. Inspired interior design

Rejigit Ltd30/08/2016

From shipping container to a street food vendor in New York

Dalmarine Ltd26/10/2017

Student housing in Denmark

Dalmarine Ltd14/08/2017

​What if this transpires to be a leaky building.

The REJIGIT Blog06/08/2018

Covid-19 anxiety is a real and unnecessary phenomenon

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Muriel Grateau's art de la table.

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Helping to preserve an ancient artisan skill.

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​Minnie Mouse shoes

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