by Potteryworld in Christchurch

Since 1987 Potteryworld has been a family owned and operated business in Christchurch and is recognised as one of New Zealand’s pre-eminent direct importers and suppliers of sought after luxury home decor and designer products. Potteryworld scours the world for a wide range of the best of innovative ceramic pieces including high-end architectural garden installations and statement pots. The Company’s range includes marble and teak items, water feature works, patio and outdoor furniture, home furnishings and boutique objects. Ceramic work is hand finished by artisans and fired at high temperatures which allows for protection against the rigours of harsh winters. There is always an impressive collection of established Yucca and Palm plants available. In-house professional designer advice and assistance is also available. A visit to Potteryworld’s new and very significant premises at 489 Sawyers Arms Road, Christchurch (down the lane and adjoining the Little Tree Company) is bound to be inspirational. Wherever practicable, Potteryworld will be happy to arrange freight consignments to anywhere outside Christchurch.