An artisan Paint which makes refurbishing easier.

by Rejigit Shout Outs

Voodoo Molly Vintage Paint is the brainchild of  Lyall & Antonia Marino who's business is based at 1/13 Croskery Road, Papakura, Auckland, New Zealand.

Tel. 09 2988965     



The Company manufactures and sells Voodoo Molly Vintage Paint, painting accessories, upholstery supplies and tools. We understand the business concept stemmed from Antonia’s experience with up-cycling furniture in the early 90’s.

Voodoo also offers Beginners Upholstery Workshops which teach upholstery and furniture painting.

Rejigit used the product on a battle weary side-table and we were impressed with the results.

Voodoo Molly Vintage comes in forty eight colours. It is a water based paint similar in its effect to chalk paint but without the need to seal or wax the finish. No undercoat required, low satin finish and fast drying. 

An example of a final result.

An exterior application of Voodoo Molly Vintage standard black (blacker than a blackbird).