Some of the best marble in the world

by The REJIGIT Blog

High in the Apuan Alps of Tuscany sits Monte Altissimo, a 1,589 meter mountain which was scaled in 1517 by the artist Michelangelo in pursuit of fine marble for his sculptures

Michelangeo's David weighs in at 7711kg

Present day marble production is fuelled by a seemingly insatiable demand from the Middle East and the marble from Italy’s Apuan Alps quarries moves farther than it has historically, that is to say, not just 320km to Rome or 1120km to London but 4830km to Abu Dhabi and 6440km to Mumbai and 8050km to Beijing.

Cervaiole Quarry is one of the several Italian quarries which operate in the Tuscany region.

One hundred and six marble blocks weighing two thousand tons.