​Who knew Captain Jack Sparrow is an artist of note

by The REJIGIT Blog

A collection of Johnny Depp limited edition prints was very recently released for sale and sold out almost immediately and realised overall revenue of US$3.6 million dollars.

Now that the Depp / Heard unedifying court debacle is hopefully behind all parties, maybe Johnny can increase his very lucrative artistic output.

The Friends & Heroes collection is Johnny Depp's debut issue and comprised seven hundred and eighty prints which was released by his London based art agent Castle Fine Art.

Individual images sold for US$4,800 (£3,950) and portfolios of four images sold for US$18,000 (£14,950).

The collection of signed, limited edition artworks focuses on Elizabeth Taylor, Keith Richards, Al Pacino and Bob Dylan, people he has known well and who have been inspirational for him. He worked from photographic images of his subjects to inspire his own particular genre of colourful, swashbuckling pop art.

For more information about Johnny Depp’s oeuvre head to his England based art agent Castle Fine Art at https://castlefineart.com/

Images: PA