Rejigit update on N.Z. problem with Chicken & Campylobacter.

The REJIGIT Blog16 hours ago

A superb blend of 19th century and minimalist ultra modern.

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Interesting images from a travelling photographer.

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Shipping container swimming pool & spa

Dalmarine Ltd02/04/2016

The ultimate in vehicle picnic hampers.

The REJIGIT Blog31/10/2016

The big question is, who will pay ?

The REJIGIT Blog03/02/2018

Lake Wanaka

Bryce Gallery11/04/2016

An Indoor or Outdoor decorative work

Dalmarine Ltd14/05/2016

A table as a conversation piece.

The REJIGIT Blog14/11/2016

Could be a nightmare to maintain this superb garden.

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A different take on shoe design out of Japan.

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Snap shots of history by way of doll houses.

The REJIGIT Blog06/11/2016