​More jiggery-pokery which impacts on New Zealand rivers.

The REJIGIT Blog1 day ago

​Karl du Fresne’s warts and all view of current New Zealand political policy.

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A world first for Covid-19 self testing.

The REJIGIT Blog03/02/2021

A very contermporary design for shipping containers.

Dalmarine Ltd15/02/2018

More brilliance from Joe Bennett.

The REJIGIT Blog24/09/2018

Covid-19 anxiety is a real and unnecessary phenomenon

The REJIGIT Blog21/03/2020

An impressive structure in Azerbaijan.

The REJIGIT Blog23/01/2018

A very talented Fashion Illustrator & Art Director.

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Coronavirus has cleared the streets of many cities.

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​This is a different version of glamping.

The REJIGIT Blog30/01/2018

One of the world's largest airports nears completion.

The REJIGIT Blog29/04/2019

​New hotel constructed using shipping containers.

Dalmarine Ltd10/08/2017