​It is worth reflecting on the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic.

The REJIGIT Blog2 weeks ago

Disastrous flooding in Venice and the city's future is challenged.

The REJIGIT Blog2 weeks ago

​Excess intake of Salt is definitely bad for the human body.

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Heavenly Bodies exhibition in NY.

The REJIGIT Blog19/05/2018

Young Kiwi is set to row solo across the Atlantic

Rejigit Ltd19/03/2019

Delightful blending of new and old.

The REJIGIT Blog19/11/2016

Spectacular green houses at a gin distillery

The REJIGIT Blog24/11/2016

Rejigit Rant (vol:3). More on the sorry plight of NZ's Lakes, Rivers and Streams.

The REJIGIT Blog10/05/2017

​A surreal & utopian prospect for Mother Earth.

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An artist said by some to be up there with Picasso.

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Vertical Forest dwelling complex in Italy

The REJIGIT Blog21/06/2016

​A highly commendable salvo in the campaign for sustainable practices.

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