An Invisible House

The REJIGIT Blog3 weeks ago

​Is burning rubbish preferable to burying it.

The REJIGIT Blog16/02/2024

​This looks like a dream come true for wheelchair users

The REJIGIT Blog14/02/2024

A celebration of static dynamism

The REJIGIT Blog15/09/2023

​A promising solution to rampant and unnecessary food waste

The REJIGIT Blog19/10/2019

Shipping Container house

Dalmarine Ltd02/04/2016

A modern version of a historic chair design.

The REJIGIT Blog05/10/2016

​Sit up and relax or sit back and relax.

The REJIGIT Blog21/10/2016

A different take on shoe design out of Japan.

The REJIGIT Blog06/10/2016

Maybe a minimalistic solution to a housing shortage.

The REJIGIT Blog05/11/2018

The Art of Noodles.

The REJIGIT Blog28/09/2016

Canterbury's drinking water continues to be contaminated

The REJIGIT Blog28/11/2023