​A surreal & utopian prospect for Mother Earth.

The REJIGIT Blog2 weeks ago

Has the concept of investment in some contemporary art become unhinged ?

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Qatar National Museum reflects its desert setting.

The REJIGIT Blog19/05/2019

​Some medical implant devices used in N.Z. may potentially be harmful.

The REJIGIT Blog20/03/2019

Digital expression of traditional art.

The REJIGIT Blog27/01/2018

A brilliant example of the art of 3-D Printing.

The REJIGIT Blog23/09/2016

The big bad wolf won't blow this one down.

The REJIGIT Blog23/10/2016

Very impressive New Zealand sculpture park

The REJIGIT Blog17/01/2017

Muriel Grateau's art de la table.

The REJIGIT Blog29/10/2016

Data can have artistic flair.

The REJIGIT Blog06/11/2016

Afternoon tea inspired by art.

The REJIGIT Blog04/04/2017

The Morpheus Hotel in Macau

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