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​It was thought to be one of the safest buildings in the world but it cracked.

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Groundbreaking medical self-diagnosis technology

The REJIGIT Blog23/10/2019

A brilliant example of the art of 3-D Printing.

The REJIGIT Blog23/09/2016

One of New Zealand's premier Biking and Tramping tracks

The REJIGIT Blog15/02/2019

​Bronzes of fractured figures reflect emotional turmoil.

The REJIGIT Blog18/05/2017

Architectural exhibit at Kensington Garden

The REJIGIT Blog29/09/2016

The Morpheus Hotel in Macau

The REJIGIT Blog29/06/2018

The world of miniature trees

The REJIGIT Blog21/12/2016

Willis Building, Ipswich, England

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Rejigit Rant: Fences do NOT keep leachates out of N.Z.'s waterways.

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The big question is, who will pay ?

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