​A cycle helmet which looks great & isn’t a pain in the butt to carry.

The REJIGIT Blog5 days ago

​A very fine example of a New Zealand startup going for the stars.

The REJIGIT Blog2 weeks ago

A new system to three dimensionally imprint concrete surfaces.

The REJIGIT Blog2 weeks ago

Fishing Vessel painting from Bryce Gallery

Bryce Gallery02/04/2016

Life size steel male figure

Dalmarine Ltd14/05/2016

​Another example of exceptional architectural skill by Mexico's EF+CG.

The REJIGIT Blog18/01/2018

The big question is, who will pay ?

The REJIGIT Blog03/02/2018

The big bad wolf won't blow this one down.

The REJIGIT Blog23/10/2016

Rejigit Rant: Why not just serve food on plates !

The REJIGIT Blog01/09/2016

Magic with paper

The REJIGIT Blog08/02/2018

​Flower power in bracelets.

The REJIGIT Blog22/05/2018

Romain Langlois. An extraordinary Sculptor.

The REJIGIT Blog08/08/2016