​Dramatic transformations from unloved machinery to emotional sculptures.

The REJIGIT Blog2 weeks ago

Californian photographer brilliantly captures images of Fungi

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New Zealand art administrator honoured for her work in France

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The ambience of Lisbon via some of the City's storefronts.

The REJIGIT Blog13/03/2017

​A Rejigit rant: Christchurch drinking water is going down the gurgler in every respect!

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Historic Kauri Dais under threat!

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An exclusive retreat delicately set in New Zealand’s majestic alpine hinterland.

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Example of ostentatious extravagance.

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​NZ wilderness legacy is being squandered!

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Marc Quinn. Sculptor & Artist

The REJIGIT Blog08/08/2016

Parametric furniture with organic elegance.

The REJIGIT Blog26/04/2017

Student housing in Denmark

Dalmarine Ltd14/08/2017