​Minnie Mouse shoes

The REJIGIT Blog13/08/2017

DIY and grow your own with this clever concept

The REJIGIT Blog23/02/2017

Frobisher. Inspired interior design

Rejigit Ltd30/08/2016

Vertical Forest dwelling complex in Italy

The REJIGIT Blog21/06/2016

Qatar National Museum reflects its desert setting.

The REJIGIT Blog19/05/2019

​A "Singles" initiative by Christchurch's Court Theatre.

The REJIGIT Blog10/03/2018

Geometric art installations with an ethereal dimension.

The REJIGIT Blog09/08/2018

The new age of tech

The REJIGIT Blog26/09/2016

Thought provoking quotations.

The REJIGIT Blog08/08/2016

A notable New Zealand Haute Couturièr.

The REJIGIT Blog16/06/2018

​Bronzes of fractured figures reflect emotional turmoil.

The REJIGIT Blog18/05/2017

​A Rejigit rant: Christchurch drinking water is going down the gurgler in every respect!

The REJIGIT Blog05/02/2018

​NZ wilderness legacy is being squandered!

The REJIGIT Blog17/07/2018

More on Cuba

The REJIGIT Blog24/05/2016

Rejigit update on N.Z. problem with Chicken & Campylobacter.

The REJIGIT Blog20/06/2018

A new system to three dimensionally imprint concrete surfaces.

The REJIGIT Blog09/01/2019

Pools with views to die for

The REJIGIT Blog16/02/2017

Historic Kauri Dais under threat!

The REJIGIT Blog17/11/2017

Interesting images from a travelling photographer.

The REJIGIT Blog11/04/2018

Rejigit Rant: Maybe N.Z.'s Environment Minister doesn't know his ass from a hole in the ground.

The REJIGIT Blog18/05/2017

Rejigit Rant: Nitrogen run-off is killing New Zealand waterways and it's a truly shameful state of affairs !

The REJIGIT Blog29/11/2018

Mushroom dish recommendations from Rejigit

The REJIGIT Blog27/02/2018

An eerie former fishing settlement in Hungary

The REJIGIT Blog06/02/2017

Christmas Greetings from Rejigit

The REJIGIT Blog23/12/2016

Potentially the most expensive residential property ever sold.

The REJIGIT Blog09/02/2017

Adrenaline paradise in alpine New Zealand.

The REJIGIT Blog25/04/2019

​A pool table very unlike the traditional design.

The REJIGIT Blog09/04/2018

Spiral staircase inspired by a Whale's Spine.

The REJIGIT Blog08/07/2016

Amazing aerial photography of New York City's skyline.

The REJIGIT Blog15/07/2018

An example of Min Kim's work

Bryce Gallery12/05/2016

Architectural exhibit at Kensington Garden

The REJIGIT Blog29/09/2016

Unordinary public seating

The REJIGIT Blog10/11/2016

Creative brilliance on display at Milan's Design Week

The REJIGIT Blog26/10/2016

​Another example of exceptional architectural skill by Mexico's EF+CG.

The REJIGIT Blog18/01/2018

How will Cuban architecture be affected ?

The REJIGIT Blog05/05/2016

A superb blend of 19th century and minimalist ultra modern.

The REJIGIT Blog13/04/2018

This staircase is not going to wear out anytime soon.

The REJIGIT Blog08/11/2016

Amazing looking rental property in France with an equally amazing lap-pool.

The REJIGIT Blog26/12/2017

New and old, and in tune with conservation requirements.

The REJIGIT Blog14/07/2016

These look like attractive and effective earplugs.

The REJIGIT Blog12/05/2017

Possible solution to Auckland's transport woes.

The REJIGIT Blog17/12/2018

Willis Building, Ipswich, England

The REJIGIT Blog02/04/2016

Rejigit Public Service Report: “Chicken & Campylobacter”

The REJIGIT Blog18/04/2018

Seasons Greetings

The REJIGIT Blog06/01/2018

Stylish fit-out for a Parisian Perfumery.

The REJIGIT Blog25/12/2016

Shipping container house

Dalmarine Ltd02/04/2016

Cleverly designed triple hammocks

The REJIGIT Blog14/10/2016

Medal Art exhibition at Canterbury Museum

Rejigit Ltd21/08/2016

Brilliant alternative to traditional paper plates

The REJIGIT Blog25/12/2016

Arguably the world's finest private art collection

The REJIGIT Blog02/08/2016

​A restoration proposal for the Nôtre-Dame Cathedral

The REJIGIT Blog13/05/2019

​Laid back, laid out caricatures to put a smile on your dial

The REJIGIT Blog29/01/2019

Heavenly Bodies exhibition in NY.

The REJIGIT Blog19/05/2018

Ziggy Stardust was an avid collector of Art.

The REJIGIT Blog13/11/2016

A sophisticated example of 3D printed fashion attire.

The REJIGIT Blog05/11/2016

​Forget about shoelaces ??

The REJIGIT Blog07/02/2018

The art of Persian carpet painting

The REJIGIT Blog18/10/2016

Contemporary paintings influenced by the old masters

The REJIGIT Blog28/08/2017

Some of the extraordinary glass creations of Dr Dale Chihuly

The REJIGIT Blog08/05/2017

​Historically significant Christchurch building restored in fine style.

The REJIGIT Blog13/03/2019

The work of art and science.

The REJIGIT Blog09/08/2016

A Book Club with a difference.

The REJIGIT Blog19/08/2019

Danish church honours a prominent historical citizen.

The REJIGIT Blog10/08/2017

Beautiful renditions of fashion and food.

The REJIGIT Blog06/12/2016

​A promising solution to rampant and unnecessary food waste

The REJIGIT Blog1 day ago

Power Pylons are a blot on the landscape.

The REJIGIT Blog24/05/2016

​Prominent Christchurch barrister appointed Queen’s Counsel.

The REJIGIT Blog25/02/2019

Brilliant concept for launching a new lighting range.

The REJIGIT Blog25/12/2016

A Shanghai building with a veil.

The REJIGIT Blog15/02/2018

Feel the buzz

The REJIGIT Blog10/02/2018

These structures may be cheaper than some tents

The REJIGIT Blog24/02/2017

An eagles nocturnal perspective

The REJIGIT Blog23/02/2017

Bespoke motorcycles inspired by art

The REJIGIT Blog05/12/2016

The Art of Noodles.

The REJIGIT Blog28/09/2016

An exclusive retreat delicately set in New Zealand’s majestic alpine hinterland.

The REJIGIT Blog19/05/2019

Quirky architechtural design adds pizzaz

The REJIGIT Blog20/02/2017

​A very fine example of a New Zealand startup going for the stars.

The REJIGIT Blog10/01/2019

The outcome of this renovation will be interesting

The REJIGIT Blog19/01/2017

Why slum it in Barcelona

The REJIGIT Blog20/10/2017

Another splendid example of blending new and old.

The REJIGIT Blog27/04/2018

​Atmospheric theatres were a type of movie palace that were popular in the 1920's.

The REJIGIT Blog11/05/2017

Interpreting Graffiti tags for those that care.

The REJIGIT Blog10/08/2016

​A Christchurch Art Gallery exhibition of Bill Hammond artistic works.

The REJIGIT Blog26/08/2019

Revolutionary 3D-Printed motorcycle from Airbus

The REJIGIT Blog18/08/2016

A solar roof system which is the roof.

The REJIGIT Blog22/08/2016

Out of left-field Rejigit Rant: Why can't New Zealand's food chain be better protected ?

The REJIGIT Blog06/11/2016

A modern version of a historic chair design.

The REJIGIT Blog05/10/2016

Big bags for a little lady.

The REJIGIT Blog10/11/2016

​A new and vibrant Inner-City Supermarket in Christchurch.

The REJIGIT Blog28/11/2018

Art reflecting various states of mind.

The REJIGIT Blog01/04/2017

A row has erupted over the Blackest Black.

The REJIGIT Blog19/09/2019

Ground-breaking medical technology research in Christchurch, New Zealand

The REJIGIT Blog09/10/2017

Bringing a shipwreck back to life.

The REJIGIT Blog01/09/2016

New York's 620 Loft & Garden

The REJIGIT Blog05/05/2016

New lounge sofa collection inspired by Japanese culture.

The REJIGIT Blog25/12/2016

Hamburg's most impressive concert hall

The REJIGIT Blog21/02/2017

Very ritzy horse stables in Argentina.

The REJIGIT Blog24/03/2018

The Ducati Monster range are horny looking machines.

The REJIGIT Blog13/10/2016

A magical Author & Children’s book illustrator.

The REJIGIT Blog23/04/2018

A solution to Auckland's housing woes ?

The REJIGIT Blog09/11/2016

The big question is, who will pay ?

The REJIGIT Blog03/02/2018

​Restaurant in a cave on the Adriatic Sea

The REJIGIT Blog07/12/2016

​la Fête des Lumières light show in Lyon, France

The REJIGIT Blog14/12/2017

Unique glass brick construction.

The REJIGIT Blog08/08/2016

​New hotel constructed using shipping containers.

Dalmarine Ltd10/08/2017

Minimalist residence by the ocean in Brazil

The REJIGIT Blog17/02/2017

Extraordinary archictectural wirework

The REJIGIT Blog09/05/2018

A sophisticated demonstration of re-purposing.

The REJIGIT Blog24/06/2017

A magnificent bookstore like no other.

The REJIGIT Blog25/08/2016

A free online course for those with an interest in architecture.

The REJIGIT Blog01/03/2018

Intricate, lightweight public space installation

The REJIGIT Blog29/09/2017

Some ideas about establishing an Art Collection

The REJIGIT Blog03/06/2016

Dali Atomicus

The REJIGIT Blog17/06/2016

Multi storey shipping container housing

Dalmarine Ltd02/04/2016

​New Zealand Institute of Architects Canterbury Architecture Awards 2018

The REJIGIT Blog16/06/2018

Internationally recognised 3 screen video installation exhibiting at CoCA Gallery, Christchurch

The REJIGIT Blog09/06/2016

​This is a different version of glamping.

The REJIGIT Blog30/01/2018

​Transformation of sand to soil

The REJIGIT Blog06/10/2017

Facebook carried away with a censorship role

The REJIGIT Blog19/11/2016

Bikes for Africa, in China.

The REJIGIT Blog28/03/2018

Eye-popping suspended art installations

The REJIGIT Blog22/06/2017

An interesting means of disguising urban eyesores.

The REJIGIT Blog05/10/2016

The founder of The Little Big Tree Company

The Little Big Tree Company28/04/2016

The Little Big Tree Company - Christchurch

The Little Big Tree Company28/04/2016

There is art in recycled clothing

The REJIGIT Blog10/11/2016

The ultimate DIY yarn fashion machine.

The REJIGIT Blog04/04/2017

Architecture inspired by nature.

The REJIGIT Blog08/08/2016

Exciting bookstores are still out there.

The REJIGIT Blog07/08/2017

A stunning crystal lighting series by a Czecholslavia company.

The REJIGIT Blog19/12/2016

Windows which convert to balconies.

The REJIGIT Blog08/08/2016

Data can have artistic flair.

The REJIGIT Blog06/11/2016

Rejigit showcases Eco Frame and Mirror Ltd in Christchurch

Rejigit Ltd02/07/2016

Auckland airport to construct an additional runway and the Art of noise abatement.

The REJIGIT Blog11/08/2017

High quality pre-fabricated steel frame homes erected in a flash.

The REJIGIT Blog11/12/2017

Three storey shipping container house

Dalmarine Ltd02/04/2016

The Art of the Barber doesn’t get any more hip than this.

The REJIGIT Blog30/10/2018

Grab the reins, keep your wits, life is fleeting.

The REJIGIT Blog15/11/2016

The Morpheus Hotel in Macau

The REJIGIT Blog29/06/2018

Francois Catroux: Interior designer extraordinaire

The REJIGIT Blog23/08/2016

Cakes can be a work of art.

The REJIGIT Blog31/05/2018

Beautiful examples of the Light fantastic

The REJIGIT Blog23/11/2016

This would be exciting in Jaws territory.

The REJIGIT Blog13/11/2016

Eye-watering auction expectations for contemporary prints.

The REJIGIT Blog23/05/2017

Another take on the Paris skyline.

The REJIGIT Blog03/10/2016

​A jumble building which provides privacy.

The REJIGIT Blog27/07/2017

Chair designed to reflect an author's work.

The REJIGIT Blog25/12/2016

Promising news about Liver transplants.

The REJIGIT Blog13/09/2019

A waterless fountain

The REJIGIT Blog01/02/2018

Looks like a great place to spent time by the beach

The REJIGIT Blog18/01/2017

Afternoon tea inspired by art.

The REJIGIT Blog04/04/2017

It's high time gear like this is now available to help deal with a NZ road traffic problem

The REJIGIT Blog23/11/2018

Artlessness of the Trump

The REJIGIT Blog25/12/2016

​Amazing job done in breathing new life into a 1970’s concrete house.

The REJIGIT Blog30/11/2017

An impressive structure in Azerbaijan.

The REJIGIT Blog23/01/2018

A world famous Artist in Oamaru, New Zealand.

Rejigit Ltd13/09/2016

Buildings can be dressed up.

The REJIGIT Blog18/11/2016

​A cycle helmet which looks great & isn’t a pain in the butt to carry.

The REJIGIT Blog15/01/2019

Sir Anish Kapoor - Architect

The REJIGIT Blog12/05/2016

Evgenia Arbugaeva a Russian photographer

The REJIGIT Blog05/08/2016

​The most expensive hotel suite on the French Riviera.

The REJIGIT Blog21/01/2018

Clever use of the humble moulding.

The REJIGIT Blog16/11/2016

Cannabis and Science

The REJIGIT Blog11/05/2019

In this case, the Stairs are the centrepiece.

The REJIGIT Blog04/11/2016

Wonderful Wisteria in West Sussex

The REJIGIT Blog29/01/2018

​Wellington to have world’s tallest wooden office building.

The REJIGIT Blog07/09/2018

​Saudi Arabia does most things on a grand scale and this new hotel is no exception.

The REJIGIT Blog21/12/2017

Salvador Dali was multi talented.

The REJIGIT Blog21/11/2016

The Art of Kintsugi can save the day.

The REJIGIT Blog26/10/2016

​China’s new buildings continue to reach for the stars.

The REJIGIT Blog25/01/2018

Muriel Grateau's art de la table.

The REJIGIT Blog29/10/2016

Promoting fitness and weight loss.

The REJIGIT Blog06/11/2016

Clever ocean clean-up gear.

The REJIGIT Blog08/08/2016

More examples of the tasteful art of blending old with new.

The REJIGIT Blog28/10/2016

Marc Quinn. Sculptor & Artist

The REJIGIT Blog08/08/2016

From the 19th to the 21st Century and looking fantastic.

The REJIGIT Blog14/12/2017

A prank in an art gallery.

The REJIGIT Blog08/08/2016

Geodesic garden dome.

The REJIGIT Blog06/11/2016

A thing of beauty

The REJIGIT Blog14/07/2016

Revolutionary biofuel technology yet to be proven

The REJIGIT Blog3 weeks ago

Has the concept of investment in some contemporary art become unhinged ?

The REJIGIT Blog01/06/2019

A Turkish shop in Dunedin, New Zealand.

Rejigit Shout Outs14/09/2016

Showcasing Musgroves Ltd. An iconic recycler in Christchurch

Rejigit Ltd30/06/2016

Mary Poppins nowhere to be seen.

The REJIGIT Blog19/11/2016

One of New Zealand's premier Biking and Tramping tracks

The REJIGIT Blog15/02/2019

Adventurous architectural design in Bangkok.

The REJIGIT Blog31/10/2016

A tragic loss of a historic architectural site in Syria

The REJIGIT Blog26/08/2017

New Zealand's entry for the 2019 Venice Biennale.

The REJIGIT Blog18/09/2018

The big bad wolf won't blow this one down.

The REJIGIT Blog23/10/2016

​Sit up and relax or sit back and relax.

The REJIGIT Blog21/10/2016

More on photographer Evgenia Arbugaeva. Mammoth Hunters.

The REJIGIT Blog06/08/2016

Rem Koolhaas. A very kool Architect & Author

The REJIGIT Blog25/06/2016

Grant Lyon - New Zealand Sculptor & Artist

The REJIGIT Blog21/05/2016

A very cool way to dress up a wall

The REJIGIT Blog20/10/2016

Houses for circa $400,000 around the world.

The REJIGIT Blog15/08/2016

Spectacular green houses at a gin distillery

The REJIGIT Blog24/11/2016

The Christchurch manager of The Pumphouse Demolition Yard has an affinity with heritage buildings.

The Pump House Demolition Yard05/03/2016

A brilliant example of the art of 3-D Printing.

The REJIGIT Blog23/09/2016

​New Zealand company a world leader in custom made medical implants

The REJIGIT Blog11/02/2019

Museums are more popular than ever.

The REJIGIT Blog28/06/2017

Understated elegance in Beirut

The REJIGIT Blog19/10/2016

E-commerce is proving ideal for a group of mothers.

The REJIGIT Blog09/11/2016

Ground-breaking heart research in Christchurch, New Zealand.

The REJIGIT Blog21/07/2017

​Some medical implant devices used in N.Z. may potentially be harmful.

The REJIGIT Blog20/03/2019

The world’s oceans are being choked by plastic crap.

The REJIGIT Blog13/11/2018

​Global antibiotic resistance is an extremely scary prospect.

The REJIGIT Blog25/06/2019

​A redundant church hall became an upmarket residence.

The REJIGIT Blog20/09/2017

​A surreal & utopian prospect for Mother Earth.

The REJIGIT Blog10/06/2019

A rare version of a Bentley Continental. Number one in a series of one.

The REJIGIT Blog13/12/2016

Not the prettiest but impressive perfomance.

The REJIGIT Blog04/09/2016

​Low cost & sustainable housing using shipping containers.

Dalmarine Ltd14/08/2017

Van Gogh's famous bedroom.

The REJIGIT Blog29/09/2016

All about The Pump House Demolition Yard

The Pump House Demolition Yard02/04/2016

Spectacular new lighting technology.

The REJIGIT Blog05/10/2016

Italian Colletto Bed looks really comfy.

The REJIGIT Blog25/12/2016

More brilliance from Joe Bennett.

The REJIGIT Blog24/09/2018

A table as a conversation piece.

The REJIGIT Blog14/11/2016

A very posh Aussie butcher shop

The REJIGIT Blog28/10/2016

Parametric furniture with organic elegance.

The REJIGIT Blog26/04/2017

Honouring excellence within U.S. Journalism & Arts.

The REJIGIT Blog08/05/2018

This artist pops his work.

The REJIGIT Blog11/08/2017

Ferrari is ideal for a residence like this

The REJIGIT Blog25/12/2016

Eye-watering prices for sculpture pieces

The REJIGIT Blog06/02/2017

Dark art of environmental vandalism.

The REJIGIT Blog11/09/2016

​A class act on a steep site.

The REJIGIT Blog13/08/2018

Japanese man outlays US$98 million for art.

The REJIGIT Blog12/01/2019

Security measures needn't be unsightly.

The REJIGIT Blog03/11/2016

The art of vegetable and fruit carving

The REJIGIT Blog08/03/2017

A very talented Fashion Illustrator & Art Director.

The REJIGIT Blog08/09/2016

Rejigit Rant: New Zealand taxis fares can be a rip-off.

The REJIGIT Blog11/07/2017

​What if this transpires to be a leaky building.

The REJIGIT Blog06/08/2018

Flowers frozen in time.

The REJIGIT Blog08/12/2016

Revolutionary motorbike and a work of art

The REJIGIT Blog25/12/2016

Body painter extraordinaire

The REJIGIT Blog26/10/2016

Shared office space makes good sense.

The REJIGIT Blog28/11/2016

High-end cruising.

The REJIGIT Blog06/11/2016

A distinguished New Zealand Architect

The REJIGIT Blog29/11/2018

Road travel has become more comfortable in the U.S.

The REJIGIT Blog01/11/2016

Art of Street Food

The REJIGIT Blog18/08/2016

The sheer artistry of flowers.

The REJIGIT Blog24/08/2016


Potteryworld in Christchurch02/04/2016

​Italian marble at its best.

The REJIGIT Blog05/08/2018

The ultimate in vehicle picnic hampers.

The REJIGIT Blog31/10/2016

Fascinating images from the Nikon Small World Photomicrography Competition.

The REJIGIT Blog19/10/2018

From grain silos to art museum.

The REJIGIT Blog01/02/2018

A very contermporary design for shipping containers.

Dalmarine Ltd15/02/2018

​A new dimension in textured and coloured finishes

The REJIGIT Blog03/11/2017

Rejigit Rant: Fences do NOT keep leachates out of N.Z.'s waterways.

The REJIGIT Blog07/08/2017

Melbourne's brilliant digital strategy to save trees.

The REJIGIT Blog27/03/2018

Frank Gehry. A controversial architect.

The REJIGIT Blog02/04/2016

Stunning Church conversion

The REJIGIT Blog25/12/2016

An artisan Paint which makes refurbishing easier.

Rejigit Shout Outs31/10/2016

Wire-frame versions of the Range Rover Evoque Convertible.

The REJIGIT Blog28/11/2016

An unusual view of the World.

The REJIGIT Blog20/03/2018

Very impressive New Zealand sculpture park

The REJIGIT Blog17/01/2017

Sophisticated shoe boutique on Madison Avenue

The REJIGIT Blog19/02/2017

​Private spiritual retreat exudes tranquillity and calmness

The REJIGIT Blog12/09/2017

Property owners in China stand their ground.

The REJIGIT Blog17/08/2016

​Punters visiting this Aus pub get to sit in a pipe.

The REJIGIT Blog21/10/2017

Wonders of nature

The REJIGIT Blog11/01/2017

​Postmodern Art Deco reflection of historical decadence

The REJIGIT Blog18/10/2017

​An unconventional Wellington hotel.

The REJIGIT Blog08/11/2018

Drones capable of seeding 100,000 plants per day.

The REJIGIT Blog01/03/2018

A New Zealand furniture artist

The REJIGIT Blog13/10/2017

Designer blinds with a holy effect.

The REJIGIT Blog22/08/2017

Aldana Ferrer Garcia. Very interesting windows.

The REJIGIT Blog08/08/2016

A surprising number of colloquial terms were coined by Shakespeare.

The REJIGIT Blog26/08/2019

Coffee tables for Petrol Heads.

The REJIGIT Blog06/11/2016

The art of Mouse Trapping.

The REJIGIT Blog26/09/2016

The world of miniature trees

The REJIGIT Blog21/12/2016

Shipping container swimming pool with a side view.

Dalmarine Ltd16/06/2017

Student housing in Denmark

Dalmarine Ltd14/08/2017

The banning of plastic shopping bags ignores some scientific realities.

The REJIGIT Blog01/07/2019

From factory to offices in Guangzhou.

The REJIGIT Blog07/08/2017

The ambience of Lisbon via some of the City's storefronts.

The REJIGIT Blog13/03/2017

The Bank of Moscow doesn't appear to be experiencing financial stress.

The REJIGIT Blog26/10/2016

Another example of an ecco friendly building

The REJIGIT Blog12/02/2017

Staircases with attitude and altitude.

The REJIGIT Blog07/09/2017

Timber is a premium construction material

The REJIGIT Blog28/10/2016

________________The genius of Picasso__________

The REJIGIT Blog23/12/2016

North Korea's nightmarish architecture

The REJIGIT Blog18/08/2016

​Slate scales add pizzazz to this Melbourne home.

The REJIGIT Blog08/07/2017

One of the more salubrious mansion motor homes.

The REJIGIT Blog05/04/2017

​St George's Chapel, an extraordinary wedding venue.

The REJIGIT Blog21/05/2018

Another exciting example of technological progress in the field of medical analysis.

The REJIGIT Blog17/01/2018

Snap shots of history by way of doll houses.

The REJIGIT Blog06/11/2016

An artist said by some to be up there with Picasso.

The REJIGIT Blog28/03/2017

Identify plants and more in your own garden.

The REJIGIT Blog06/04/2018

Shipping container house

Dalmarine Ltd02/04/2016

Christchurch's post-earthquakes street art.

The REJIGIT Blog08/08/2016

A unique and beautiful Christmas Tree.

The REJIGIT Blog15/12/2017

Rejigit Rant: Dodgy beef product ?

The REJIGIT Blog27/03/2018

A pavillion constructed using shipping containers.

Dalmarine Ltd02/02/2018

Ideas for fences and walls.

The REJIGIT Blog08/08/2016

Some basic principles and practices of Feng Shui

The REJIGIT Blog13/10/2016

A stunning five storey house in Dallas, Texas.

The REJIGIT Blog01/06/2017

Upmarket penthouse in a historic NY clock tower

The REJIGIT Blog24/02/2017

Impressive London public space sky garden

The REJIGIT Blog13/02/2017

A different take on shoe design out of Japan.

The REJIGIT Blog06/10/2016

Example of ostentatious extravagance.

The REJIGIT Blog25/12/2016

Contemporary New Zealand house known as "Under the Alps"

The REJIGIT Blog03/11/2017

Magic with paper

The REJIGIT Blog08/02/2018

Some of the world's great & historic ceilings.

The REJIGIT Blog02/07/2016

Motor garage, nek minute delightful living space

The REJIGIT Blog24/06/2017

A genius idea to secure bicycles.

The REJIGIT Blog17/01/2018

Engineered art with flair and a message

The REJIGIT Blog10/12/2016

The ambience of Paris via some of the City's storefronts.

The REJIGIT Blog15/12/2016

Some of the best marble in the world

The REJIGIT Blog20/09/2017

Outstanding examples of sculptural surrealism

The REJIGIT Blog30/05/2018

New Zealand Artist paints birds with hats

The REJIGIT Blog08/07/2016

The Art of Sushi.

The REJIGIT Blog28/09/2016

New Zealand is in mourning and finding it difficult to mentally process a barbaric act.

The REJIGIT Blog24/03/2019

​Unorthodox tourist accommodation in Amsterdam.

The REJIGIT Blog09/04/2018

A Rejigit P.S.A. “Be extremely cautious while gardening”

The REJIGIT Blog17/10/2018

The Art of logistical investing.

The REJIGIT Blog20/05/2017

An upmarket mobile home.

Dalmarine Ltd18/01/2018

We can't quite get our head around this magic.

The REJIGIT Blog19/02/2018

Elegant and practical shelving in a shoe shop

The REJIGIT Blog01/02/2017

A blend of Nature and Art.

The REJIGIT Blog12/11/2016

Most interesting contemporary small apartment in Mexico.

The REJIGIT Blog25/12/2016

May be tempting to spend more time looking up.

The REJIGIT Blog25/12/2016

Smart door lock controlled by a smart phone.

The REJIGIT Blog25/12/2016

Chinese fashion designer caters for East and West.

The REJIGIT Blog13/07/2018

History of airline cabin crew uniforms.

The REJIGIT Blog25/12/2016

Get lost in the curves.

The REJIGIT Blog16/06/2017

​New Zealand is experiencing a worrying Measles outbreak

The REJIGIT Blog02/09/2019

Young Kiwi is set to row solo across the Atlantic

Rejigit Ltd19/03/2019

​Flower power in bracelets.

The REJIGIT Blog22/05/2018

Divorce celebration cakes and why not.

The REJIGIT Blog25/11/2016

Showcasing Magma Gallery. Christchurch

Rejigit Ltd02/07/2016

A new luxury hotel in New York.

The REJIGIT Blog01/09/2016

Quirky new Christchurch building

The REJIGIT Blog05/05/2016

Skyslide in the USA

The REJIGIT Blog29/06/2016

Huge and outstanding example of public art.

The REJIGIT Blog25/12/2016

Inexpensive user-friendly steps concept.

The REJIGIT Blog04/11/2016

An iconic chair.

The REJIGIT Blog07/09/2016

​A new-age foil to historical U.S. monuments

The REJIGIT Blog1 day ago

From shipping container to a street food vendor in New York

Dalmarine Ltd26/10/2017

Christchurch RSA's new Restaurant & Bar.

Rejigit Shout Outs30/08/2016

​The art of Wine Wizardry.

The REJIGIT Blog08/06/2018

Upmarket Chalet in Austria

The REJIGIT Blog25/12/2016

Rejigit Rant: New Zealand government "Fresh Water Quality Announcement" is a hoax.

The REJIGIT Blog28/03/2017

Great coffee at The George in Christchurch

Rejigit Shout Outs22/08/2016

Delightful blending of new and old.

The REJIGIT Blog19/11/2016

Maybe a minimalistic solution to a housing shortage.

The REJIGIT Blog05/11/2018

A highly individual gallery in Spain by Renzo Piano

The REJIGIT Blog03/05/2017

Sir Winston Churchill's artistic handywork

The REJIGIT Blog22/06/2016

Rejigit Rant: Why not just serve food on plates !

The REJIGIT Blog01/09/2016

Melbourne to have twisted twin towers.

The REJIGIT Blog23/08/2018

Christchurch's Sir Antony Gormley sculpture

The REJIGIT Blog11/05/2016

​An architectural monstrosity in Mumbai.

The REJIGIT Blog05/08/2018

Accomplished New Zealand photographer showcases Aotearoa.

The REJIGIT Blog03/06/2018

Could be a nightmare to maintain this superb garden.

The REJIGIT Blog06/11/2016

Artistic 3D modelling for aquariums.

The REJIGIT Blog30/03/2017

The 2019 tragedy of Nôtre-Dame Cathedral.

The REJIGIT Blog23/04/2019

​Innovative all-timber building going up in Christchurch.

The REJIGIT Blog05/09/2018

The new Huawei P20 Pro Phone sports a very impressive camera.

The REJIGIT Blog02/08/2018

​How Will Our Religions Handle the Discovery of Alien Life?

The REJIGIT Blog23/08/2019

R.I.P. Murray Ball, New Zealand cartoonist extraordinaire.

The REJIGIT Blog16/03/2017

Rejigit Rant: Would you pay $99.90 per kg for this ?

The REJIGIT Blog28/02/2018

Kayaks which aren't a pain in the butt to transport

The REJIGIT Blog30/08/2017

Happy new year for 2019

The REJIGIT Blog30/12/2018

Shipping container swimming pool

Dalmarine Ltd02/04/2016

​A highly commendable salvo in the campaign for sustainable practices.

The REJIGIT Blog4 weeks ago

This campaign was a clever stroke by IBM

The REJIGIT Blog26/10/2016

Rejigit Rant (vol:3). More on the sorry plight of NZ's Lakes, Rivers and Streams.

The REJIGIT Blog10/05/2017

London's 2016 RIBA Regent Street windows project

The REJIGIT Blog14/10/2016

Bermuda has an excellent system for harvesting rain water.

The REJIGIT Blog22/03/2018

Prospects for a new addition to Auckland's skyline.

The REJIGIT Blog09/10/2018

Romain Langlois. An extraordinary Sculptor.

The REJIGIT Blog08/08/2016

Exterior wallpaper sounds like a good idea.

The REJIGIT Blog26/10/2016

Shipping container swimming pool & spa

Dalmarine Ltd02/04/2016

​Acoustically & thermally efficient wall tiles.

The REJIGIT Blog20/05/2018

Blue Whale at London's Natural History Museum

The REJIGIT Blog31/01/2018

A classy joint in San Fran.

The REJIGIT Blog14/08/2017

New Zealand artist Simon Denny

The REJIGIT Blog09/08/2016

​A most impressive condo and a record price

The REJIGIT Blog01/02/2019

Another brilliant example of the art of blending new and old.

The REJIGIT Blog03/03/2017

Nostalgic light fittings

The REJIGIT Blog05/10/2016

Encouraging example of an eco friendly building.

The REJIGIT Blog07/02/2018

Helping to preserve an ancient artisan skill.

The REJIGIT Blog08/08/2016

​Packaging as we know it, will eventually become a thing of the past.

The REJIGIT Blog27/06/2017

​Audubon Bird Life Photography Awards.

The REJIGIT Blog24/07/2019

Magnificent Fabergé Eggs.

The REJIGIT Blog30/09/2016

Julia Child introduced her version of French cuisine to the U.S. from a modest kitchen

The REJIGIT Blog12/10/2016

Dry stone spheres.

The REJIGIT Blog08/08/2016

One of the world's largest airports nears completion.

The REJIGIT Blog29/04/2019

A Jenga type tower in Lower Manhattan.

The REJIGIT Blog09/05/2018

Digital expression of traditional art.

The REJIGIT Blog27/01/2018

The art of a forger

The REJIGIT Blog11/08/2016

The art of blending of new and old

The REJIGIT Blog16/10/2016

A stunning blast from the past from Jaguar

The REJIGIT Blog02/05/2017

No trees required for this hammock

The REJIGIT Blog13/02/2017

Francis Bacon (the artist), purveyor of artistic violence

The REJIGIT Blog11/09/2017