Dry stone spheres.

by The REJIGIT Blog

Devin Devine is a Pennsylvania based artist who works with stone.

He expresses his artistic vision via the production of the likes of hand-crafted spheres, vases, and other garden sculptures. He thinks the sphere is about as universal a shape as it gets and that there is a primal response to it. It is a fascination he can't really describe.


Devin creates his spheres and other sculptural pieces using dry stacked stones which are usually leftover fragments of flagstone remnants from his other work involving the construction of patios and walls etc. He figures out how to build stone walls, where the stones flow, like waves, rather than just being stacked level and with each stone woven together in such a way that the work binds itself together.


For one such sphere, which Devin calls the “Dry Stone Hypersphere”, he used green-gray stones and plum-lilac stones for the bulk of the piece together with yellow and white stones used sparingly as accent points, along with groupings of blue circular stones inserted intermittently.


Devin’s stacked stone spheres, which are typically bonded together with no mortar or cement, are a challenge to assemble. The risk of collapse is there, especially past the half-way point. His artisan skill involves a bit of experimentation, but overall it really is not so much whimsical or spontaneous, but rather thoughtful and calculated.