Clever ocean clean-up gear.

by The REJIGIT Blog

Seabin Pty Ltd., an Australian technology company founded by Andrew Turton and Pete Ceglinski and Poralu Marine, a French manufacturer of aluminium equipment for marinas etc have established a partnership for the development, manufacturing and worldwide distribution of Seabin which is a continuous trash collector system for floating plastic waste and other pollutants including oil, fuel and detergents within marinas, ports and water bodies anywhere in the world.


Attached to a pontoon or wharf, the Seabin is immersed in water and connected to an electric pump which creates a continuous flow to attract floating waste and hydrocarbons etc to the Seabin collector 24/7. Waste material is collected in a natural fibre catch bag and a separator cleans the water which is returned to the sea or inland waterway.


An estimated 300 million tonnes of plastic are discarded worldwide each year into aquatic environments and it takes between one hundred years and a millennium to degrade that trash. Millions of marine animals including mammals die each year as a consequence of oceanic plastic pollution. Worryingly, microscopic compounds resulting from the degradation process are ingested by marine life which then finds its way into the human food chain.



In November 2015, Seabin Pty Ltd commenced a crowd funding campaign via Kickstarter seeking donations to provide additional seed capital for the production of Seabin.