Nostalgic light fittings

by The REJIGIT Blog

Carbon filament bulbs were the first commercially viable electric light bulbs and became available in 1882.  In 1904, a tungsten filament was found to be more efficient and longer lasting than the carbonised bamboo filament used previously. The introduction of a neutral gas to the glass bulb also helped to improve lifespan and brightness.

Edison-style (vintage lights) remain popular anywhere where atmospheric lighting is preferred.

LED Edison bulbs are also available and replicate the same light colour and bulb shape to offer a more energy-efficient version of the popular reproduction vintage bulbs. The LED bulbs also maintain the same exposed filament look. 

One use for Edison bulbs is in the manufacture of Steampunk type light fittings and the images below are some of the many products designed and manufactured by a Melbourne based company Edison Light Globes Pty Ltd.