Italian Colletto Bed looks really comfy.

by The REJIGIT Blog

The designer and manufacturer of the Colletto bed is LAGO, a leading Italian furniture design company based near Venice and Padua.

LAGO’s history traces back to the end of the nineteenth-century, when Policarpo Lago began his career as an artisan woodworker in noble villas and Venetian churches.

Today, LAGO’s turnover is approximately 30 million euros and the company has a staff of around one hundred and seventy employees. The company’s global presence includes more than four hundred carefully selected furniture stores and numerous single-brand LAGO stores in cities throughout Italy and Europe including Rome, Milan, London, Paris, Madrid, Barcelona, Berlin and Praha.

The Colletto Bed is as comfortable and welcoming as a nest and sleeping in it would be like being nestled in a soft visual and sound barrier. A ring of soft foam around the mattress creates a relaxing atmosphere. The ring is attached to the bed frame by a Velcro system and is removable. The neck of the bed can be rolled and unrolled much like a turtleneck into three configurations; open, semi-closed or completely closed for a more intimate space.