Muriel Grateau's art de la table.

by The REJIGIT Blog

Muriel Grateau is the undisputed Queen of Tableware and she operates Galerie Muriel Grateau at rue de Beaune on the Paris Left Bank. She designs luxurious tableware which sells from £79 for a cup.

Every well laid table should have compelling plates. Each piece is crafted by hand and Grateau’s luscious colour palette of rich earth tones including ochre, green, gold and whisper-pale pastels is achieved by adding pigment directly to the porcelain slip as it is being shaped and not painted on afterwards.

Her work is something of an investment. By way of example a white porcelain table service, circa 2000 and comprising eight dinner plates, eight luncheon plates, eight dessert plates, eight soup bowls, eight dessert bowls, eight cups and saucers, two creamers, two sugars, two serving bowls, pair of chargers, pair of serving bowls, and a pair of circular platters was presented at auction with an estimated sell price of $200 - $300 and sold for $1000.