The ultimate in vehicle picnic hampers.

by The REJIGIT Blog

Rolls-Royce has designed bespoke picnic hampers for their ‘phantom zenith collection' which comprises a limited edition of fifty magnificent vehicles.

Hamper cases are crafted from American walnut and natural grain leathereach finished in a choice of three colour combinations matching the interior of the individual cars. Hampers are complete with a cool box, illuminated glass shelf, champagne holder and leather seats for two.

Black picnic tables housed within the hamper fold out and upon opening, a unique plaque corresponding to the identification number given to their vehicle is displayed. The leather and wood interior shelving of the hampers house crystal wine glasses, handmade stainless steel cutlery, arctic white napkins embroidered with the famous Rolls-Royce monogram and a handcrafted American walnut chopping board. Hampers also include high end crockery finished with black and platinum edging.