A stunning crystal lighting series by a Czecholslavia company.

by The REJIGIT Blog

The Czech lighting manufacturer Preciosa created Crystal Automata, a series of crystal lighting installations inspired by mechanical movement and which was displayed at Milan Design Week 2016.

Crystal Automata stems from the historical fascination with Fire, Water, Air and Earth and the alluring motion of automata and incorporating both with the many facets of crystal.

In the lighting series, mechanical technology is exposed in order that observers may look at the motion in action and appreciate the mechanics and wonder at their perfection.

The nature of the various mechanisms is cyclical, that is to say, without beginning or end and is in a sense, perpetual motion.

Crystal Automata was designed by Michael Vasku and Andreas Klug of the Viennese architectural studio Vasku and Klug and also Creative Directors at Preciosa Lighting.

Preciosa Lighting is an international manufacturer and distributor of custom hand made lighting and high end residential fixtures with a flagship store in Prague. The company currently has approximately five thousand employees and has a production history of three hundred years.