Very impressive New Zealand sculpture park

by The REJIGIT Blog

Alan Gibbs is a well known New Zealand businessman, entrepreneur and art collector. In 1991 he purchased a one thousand acre farming property located fifty kilometers north of Auckland, New Zealand overlooking the Kaipara Harbour estuary, one of the largest such harbours in the world (947 sq. kilometres at high tide). What is known as Gibbs Farm has undergone significant development into one of the world's leading sculpture parks. Mr Gibbs acknowledges he has a distinct preference for abstract minimalist art and the many monumental installations on the property have been created on the basis of open-brief commissioning of renowned New Zealand and International artists. The images below are just some of the said installations.

Richard Serra  -  Seeing The Landscape  -  Te Tuhirangi Contour

1999 – 2001.  56 corten steel plates  -  252m x 6m x 50mm

Bernar Venet  -  88.5° Arc  -  8 corten steel arcs

27m x 0.75m x 0.75mm

Chris Booth  -  Kaipara Strata

1992. Cystalline sandstone slabs and river boulders  -  4m x 2.3m x 5m

Zhan Wang  -  Floating Island Of Immortals  

2006. Hollow stainless steel  -  8.6m x 4.8m

Leon van den Eijkel  -  Red Cloud Confrontation In Landscape.

Twenty five cast formed and painted concrete cubes  -  17.5m x 17.5m

Ralph Hotere  -  Te Hemara

1996. Sixteen galvanised columns incorporating No.8 stainless steel wire

5m x 3.6m x 26m

Sir Anish Kapoor  -  Dismemberment

2009.  Mild steel tubing and tensioned PVC membrane

West elevation: 25m x 8m.  East elevation: 8m x 25m.  Overall length: 85m

Andy Goldsworthy  -  Arches

2005.  Pink leadhill sandstone blocks stacked into eleven freestanding arches.

Each arch 7m in length.

Len Lye  -  Wind Wand

2003. Fibreglass tube  -  4m x 5m x 200mm

Sol LeWitt  -  Pyramid (Keystone NZ)

1997. Concrete blocks  -  7.75m x 16m x 16m

Marijke de Goey  -  The Mermaid

1999. Welded and painted tubular steel  -  10m x 3m x 32m

Graham Bennett  -  Sea / Sky Kaipara

1994. Four tri-part stainless steel and glass units  -  2m x 2.1m x 25m

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