Another brilliant example of the art of blending new and old.

by The REJIGIT Blog

Henri Cleinge established his architectural practice in Montreal in 1998.

His architectural awards include the Grands Prix du design, Residential Prize 2012, Residential space of 1,600 sq.ft. and under category for Maison Beaumont, Montréal and the Grands Prix du design, Project of the year Award 2017, Office Space 5,000 to 20,000 sq. ft category for Crew Collectif et café, Montreal.

This outstanding design by Henri Cleinge assisted by Paulette Taillefer required the blending of new and old at a property in Dorval, an island suburb on the island of Montreal in southwestern Quebec, Canada.

The addition of a contemporary wing was created for a multi-generational family home which was originally built by the Hudson Bay Company two hundred years ago and constructed using very substantial stone walls and heavy timber framing.

The new and old structures are connected by a glass walled upper level passage which deliberately contrasts the two. The inherent nature of the new materials expertly marry with the historic structure’s grey and black stone. The overall effective floor area is 9,900 sq.m.

Photography by Marc Cramer