A classy joint in San Fran.

by The REJIGIT Blog

Leo’s Oyster Bar is located in San Francisco’s financial district and the décor is described as 1950s Beverly Hills meets Manhattan club.

The retro wallpaper is custom-made and superbly alludes to the glamour of Hollywood 1950’s.

A comment from a Michelin Guide review probably sums it up; “The glamour of the past and the prices of the future collide at this 1950s inspired seafood spot, which offers an enchanting trip to a bygone era of Hollywood luxury, provided you're ready to spend like a movie star”.

Anna Weinberg: Owner & Managing Partner, Jennifer Puccio: Executive Chef, Emily Luchetti: Chief Pastry Chef, James Nicholas: Owner & Managing Partner, 

Décor design is by Ken Fulk and Jon de la Cruz