A waterless fountain

by The REJIGIT Blog

As part of their two hundredth anniversary celebration, The Bank of Montreal commissioned a unique kinetic fountain which began operating in April last year. The mechanics of this 5.2m high interactive kinetic installation named BMO200 involves in excess of 50,000 blue and white flip-dot tiles. Each panel of flip-dots is connected to multiple circuit boards which convert electronic signals into physical sequences. The form of the installation emulates a large fountain but without the water.


Viewers are able to make a wish via an app on a mobile device and instead of tossing a coin into flowing water, wish makers will make their wish online. When they do, the digital fountain reacts by changing its patterns via the 50,000 electromagnetic flip-dot tiles.

In a spirit of goodwill to their community of clients, the Bank will fulfil a number of the wishes made, big and small and across a number of categories including Green, Togetherness, Legacy and Community.

The installation was created by Globacore, a Toronto based company specialising in virtual reality, game design and development, large format multi touch surfaces and human - computer interaction using both physical and digital elements.