The big question is, who will pay ?

by The REJIGIT Blog

"Prototypes" is a public land art exhibition which recently opened in Otay Mesa, San Diego, an area close to the U.S. / Mexico border.

In March 2017, US Customs and Border Protection issued an invitation for proposals for border prototypes for Donald Trump’s proposed US$33 billion wall on the Mexico border. Consequently eight contracts were awarded to six companies and each was allowed thirty days to finish their 9.1m (30ft) tall concepts commencing 26 September 2017. The prototypes are to be subject to testing for efficacy in terms of deterring breaching, digging and scaling.

The exhibition is curated by a U.S. non-profit organisation known as MAGA (Make America Great Again). It is difficult to determine if the exhibition is a legitimate demonstration of art or if it might simply be a piss-take. In any event and in Rejigit's view, all submissions are pig ugly and no amount of lipstick would provide improvement. The "Prototypes" website links to an online petition calling for the wall concepts to be designated national monuments under the U.S. Antiquities Act of 1906.

       North America prototype, US$406,318.                    Caddell Construction prototype, US$344,000.

    Fisher Sand & Gravel prototype, US$365,000.               WG Yates & Sons prototype, US$458,103.

   Caddell Construction prototype, US$320,000.                  KWR Construction prototype, US$486,411.

       WG Yates & Sons prototype, US$453,548.                Texas Sterling Const prototype, US$470,000.

Images via MAGA and Bjarni Grimsson