Maybe a minimalistic solution to a housing shortage.

by The REJIGIT Blog

These prefabricated 34.4 sq.m. housing module buildings are known as Varia Home and are manufactured by German company Bauer Holzbausysteme GmbH.

Although the living space may be a little small in terms of usual New Zealand expectations, the design may still have some urban application and they may be ideal for holiday house purposes.

In other countries they are being used in areas such as rooftops, parking decks, gable walls, and temporary land allotments etc.

The structure can be connected to a city grid and it also incorporates solar panels.

On the wall adjacent to the bed is a dashboard which enables wireless control of the living room and incorporates a smart mirror for face and gesture recognition, intelligent heating control by Tado┬░ and is paired with a Sonos sound system, Phillips Hue Lighting system, Amazon Echo system and a smart lock system.