A Book Club with a difference.

by The REJIGIT Blog

The Silent Book Club concept is as straight forward as it gets. Members meet at a bar, a library, a book store or any appropriate venue. A bell rings and silent reading time commences. After an hour, the bell rings again. That’s it.

Contrary to what usually happens at a book club, Silent Book Club people are able to bring whatever they wish to read and to chat about anything, providing it is before and after the designated reading time.

Guinevere de la Mare co-founded the organisation with Laura Gluhanich in 2012 and the organisation now has more than seventy chapters in more than fifty cities around the world.

Guinevere de la Mare is a writer and editor based in San Francisco. Her most recent book, I’d Rather be Reading: A Library of Art for Book Lovers and a compilation of art, essays, and poetry celebrating the love of books.

Laura Gluhanich is a program manager at Google Women Techmakers building programs which provide visibility, community and resources for women in technology globally. 

The Silent Book Club founders assist interested individuals to create new chapters by offering logistical assistance and thereafter each group does as it pleases in keeping with the common mission of creating spaces where people can connect with like-minded individuals.

Some people may talk about their book, others may talk about something irrelevant and some don't talk at all.

The concept has proved ideal for those who might otherwise find it difficult to socialise and meet new people. Another good thing about a Silent Book Club is you experience the community of a book club without the homework.

The designated silent time and a readily available conversation topic allows for introverts to feel comfortable and there is no pressure to contribute to any particular conversation or to make insightful comments about any particular book.