​Witty cartoon renditions of Van Gogh masterpieces.

by The REJIGIT Blog

October 2019

Many of us know and much admire the works of the post-impressionist Dutch painter Vincent Willem van Gogh who was born in 1853 and tragically died in 1890 at the relatively young age of thirty seven. His paintings tend to reflect on the difficult and turbulent aspects of his all too brief life.

Alireza Karimi Moghaddam is a successful graphic artist based in Lisbon, Portugal. He was formerly a lecturer attached to the Faculty of Arts and Architecture at Islamic Azad University in Tehran. His work has been exhibited at a number of international exhibitions and he has received many international awards including First Prize at the 1996 Nasreddin Hodja Festival in Turkey, a Special Award at the 1996 Umoristi a Marostica Exhibition in Italy, a Special Award at the 1998 Umoristi a Marostica Exhibition in Italy, a Special Award at the 2007 Baku Cartoon Exhibition in Azerbaijan, a Special Award at the 2008 China Cartoon Exhibition and a Special Prize at the 2019 International Caricature Competition in Syria. He has produced a series of caricature images referencing some of Van Gogh’s masterpiece works. Rejigit salutes his skill and sense of humour.

Images are reproduced with the express consent of the Artist.