​An idea to get a critical message out there in Ukraine.

by The REJIGIT Blog

Update 10 March 2022

On February 26, Ukraine’s official Twitter account announced that the country was accepting donations in the form of bitcoin, ethereum and the stablecoin tether. It later added polkadot and dogecoin to the mix. More than 100,000 crypto asset donations worth more than US$59 million were sent to Ukraine between February 24 and the morning of March 7, according to blockchain analytics firm Elliptic. It marks an unprecedented moment as cryptocurrency, largely decentralized from government-run banks or government imposed restrictions, bypasses financial institutions and moves directly to the Ukrainian government. 

Update 07 March 2022

An easy and quick means of making desperately needed donations to people on the ground in Ukraine. Book rooms or properties for rent in Ukraine via Airbnb. Book the soonest check-in dates possible because Airbnb releases money to hosts 24 hours after check in time. Find listings which are owned by individuals and not companies to ensure money gets to people on the ground. Try to book apartments or houses which are in cities and towns which have been heavily bombed. Airbnb co-founder and CEO Brian Chesky said in a Twitter post that within a 48 hour period, 61,406 nights had been booked in Ukraine which resulted in close to $2 million going to Ukraine hosts. Current Airbnb Ukraine listings range from NZ$19 per night and Airbnb have waived all host and guest fees for now.

Update 05 March 2022

04 March 2022

Along with most of the world’s thinking citizens, Rejigit is aghast at what is presently taking place in Ukraine. It is equally troubling that the US, EU, NATO and the UN et al are standing back and presenting every imaginable excuse for not becoming involved in any direct physical sense. Spineless bastards!   Xi Jinping must be delighted with the way this theatre of war is playing out and Taiwan will now have good reason to have lost any confidence they may have had that anyone would come to their aid in the event China comes calling.

This is an urgent message of thanks to one of this writer’s personal heroes, Elon Musk who is already doing God’s work for Ukraine;

It is reasonable to assume that many, if not most, of the Russian forces which are currently trampling over Ukraine, do not actually want to be there but they have no other option. Russia is quick to shut down access to media which may transmit an alternative narrative to their own fake propaganda. Elon Musk is already making Starlink internet connectivity available to Ukraine and he would be doing the world a huge service if Starlink (including terminals) could be made readily available to Russian invading troops. If that were to eventuate, word would soon get out amongst the troops, most of whom will have mobile phones, indeed word would likely spread like wildfire and those troops would then have access to all international tell-it-like-it-is media outlets. A critical element of the strategy would be a Website targetting the troops with advice and information about how to lay down their arms and get themselves across the Ukraine border to the likes of Poland where they should be eligible to make application for refugee status or similar. Such advice should also include instructions on how to disable and abandon their military tanks and vehicles and if all else fails, simply pour sugar into fuel tanks.

In the words of Hiram Johnson and others, “The first casualty of war is truth.”