‚ÄčAn instant forest project in the Netherlands.

by The REJIGIT Blog

26 August 2022

Leeuwarden is a city in Friesland province within the northern region of the Netherlands. As at August 14, a prepared stock of one thousand established native trees lovingly contained within upmarket mobile wooden planter boxes, were moved by a teams of enthusiastic volunteers into a 3.5km long precinct of their city. The project is called Bosk which translates as Forest from the local Frisian dialect and which forms part of a wider triennial art festival known as Arcadia. 

The project is proving to be hugely successful, so much so, some local citizens have suggested that the trees to be left permanently in situ. Visitors to the installation can take advantage of the shade of the newly installed greenery along with the peace and calming influence of the trees.

The one thousand trees include native species Alder, Ash, Elm, Willow and Oak etc all planted in eight hundred individual planter boxes. QR codes attached to each box provide information about the species therein and sensors alert when trees require watering. 

Rejigt applauds Leeuwarden's initiative.