​A new age of spray-on haute couture has emerged.

by The REJIGIT Blog

03 October 2022

Paris Fashion Week for Spring/Summer 2023 ran from 26 Sept 2022 to 4 Oct 2022 and one of the outstanding exhibits was a space age sprayed-on dress by Coperni.

The founders of Coperni Femme are Creative Director Sébastien Meyer and CEO Arnaud Vaillant.

The model on the night was Bella Hadid (25). She is an American model and she has made twenty-seven appearances on international Vogue magazine covers.

For the creation / unveiling of this Coperni designer piece, Hadid walked onto the runway wearing a G-string and modestly holding her breasts. Two ateliers then began to spray her body with what seemed to be a white paint-like substance. The artistic presentation took about fifteen minutes and as the sprayed on dress neared completion another attendant cut and rearranged the sleeves to simulate an off-the-shoulder look, cut the garment to length and cut a side slit. Voila!

Fabrican is an instant sprayable material comprising polymers and natural fibers which upon making contact with air, dries to form a non-woven fabric.

A Youtube link to the magical creation of the Coperni dress.