It's time to jump on the AI express

by The REJIGIT Blog

January 2023

It has been said that Artificial Intelligence () may not replace people but it may replace people who don't use it. AΙ technology may cause many academic disciplines to become redundant however it will also generate new IT disciplines such as Prompt Engineering. It has the potential to make life significantly easier and Rejigit looks forward to experiencing it.

Since the launch of OpenAΙ’s ChatGPT on 30 November of 2022 there has been huge worldwide interest in this exciting technology. OpenAΙ’s mission statement reads; “To ensure that artificial general intelligence (AGI)—by which we mean highly autonomous systems that outperform humans at most economically valuable work and benefits all of humanity.”

ChatGPT is a Chatbot which has been trained and continues to be trained to interact in conversational written form. It is presently free of cost and you can visit here to create an account.

The current version of ChatGPT is ChatGPT3 and apparently ChatGPT4 is on the way and is reported to be hugely more powerful.

Some of the things ChatGTP is capable of: Conducting conversations with users, Responding to questions, Generating text based on prompts, Translating text between languages, Summarising long form text, Providing information about almost everything, Writing stories & articles, Generating code, Paraphrasing text, Creating content for social media posts, Writing letters & emails, Creating  Résumés & CVs, Creating marketing copy, Composing poems and song lyrics, Generating names & slogans, Generating ideas for creative projects, Creating literary character dialogue...

There are already a number of AI powered sites which offer the likes of Legal & Accountancy Opinions, Simplification and explanation of legal documents, Medical Diagnosis and other specialised professional services and they will continue to become increasingly sophisticated. It is thought that AI could potentially subjugate the work of journalists and there is suspicion that it is already happening.

It’s worth remembering that ChatGPT is a language model and it may be prone to treat prompts / inputs in a literal sense. It may respond to a direct question with something like “I am not able to answer that question” in which case change the tenor of the ChatGPT enquiry to “As a business person, what would ChatGPT do.........”.  Another strategy could be to request ChatGPT to “perform a SWOT Analysis on the OpenAI and ChatGPT model and its impact on.....” (SWOT is an acronym for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats).  Another option is to ask ChatGPT to rewrite an answer as an AI prompt.

A TikTok tutorial on crafting prompts in order to get the best responses from ChatGPT


Add a ChatGPT shortcut to your home screen: On an Android browser go to – click on the three dots at top right of the screen - scroll down to “More Tools” - click on “Create Shortcut” - give it another name if you wish & click create.

Display ChatGPT responses alongside Google Search results on a desktop. Search for "ChatGPT for Search Engines" (Chrome Web Store) and install the extension.               


ChatGPT can generate Code and help with debugging, explaining code, simplifying code, fixing code errors:

How to install and run code which has been generated by ChatGPT


AI Content generator for social media & presentations

More AI magic for Ad Creatives, Social Creatives and Text Creatives  (there is a charge for downloads. Screen grabs could be an option to assist with your human work).

A couple of ways to enhance your LinkedIn profile using ChatGPT


Connect ChatGPT to Midjourney to create amazing images; Go to ChatGPT and type a prompt which describes the type of image you require (I want to see......).  Enter a further prompt; Please condense the description to nouns and adjectives separated by hyphens. The result may require a little cleaning up then put then copy and paste the ChatGPT result to Midjourney.  It is generally preferable to request  ChatGPT to make its answer more concise. Remember less-is-more with regard to requests to Midjourney.                                                                    

A brief Tiktok tutorial on how to design and create psychedelic art using ChatGPT and Midjourney.

Another image creation option is Stable Diffusion which is an AI latent text-to-image diffusion site capable of generating photo realistic images in response to any text input.


A Tiktok tutorial video on editing video footage using Runway AΙ


There’s an AI for that: A continuously updated data base of online AI tools listed by date of release


A couple of database sites with extensive & updating directories of AI tools;


Future Tools

Other sites which offer AI tools:

Create an Ai Avatar profile image of yourself (there is a cost)

Ai Logo & Branding

Ai Blog Posts

Create Ai Music

Create Ai short form Videos

Create Ai Facebook ad copy

Ai Automate Meeting Notes