​Presenting New Zealand artist Jacob Yikes

by The REJIGIT Blog

May 2023

Rejigit much enjoyed a chat with Jacob in preparation for this article. He is a Christchurch, New Zealand based artist and he is in his mid-thirties. His multi faceted artistic work is widely recognised and increasingly highly sought after.

Jacob was active in the graffiti / street art / urban scene in Christchurch dating to his teenage years and he went on to achieve an Advanced Diploma in Fine Arts in 2010.

In more recent times he has designed and carried out numerous street art mural installations of an epic scale in Christchurch and further afield. He is also in demand for designing and implementing high-end interior decor work in commercial premises such as restaurants in the Stranges Lane precinct in Christchurch.

The images featuring in this article are of some of the works from his Escapism Series which were recently exhibited at Fixate Gallery ( https://www.fiksate.com/ ) in Christchurch. A previous exhibition, “Even In Darkness” at Fixate Gallery was also very successful. The title image to this article is "I Will Never Know"  900cm x 1200cm.

"The Witching Hour"  600cm x 830cm

Jacob’s work can be playful and sombre and everything in between and invites a viewer to contemplate the artists thought patterns and inner messages.  Jacob periodically experiences a condition known as Sleep Paralysis Imagery which arises out of an overlap of REM sleep and wakefulness and which may provide inspiration for some of his artwork by way of a side effect.

More than a years work was required to produce the eight works comprising the Escapism Series exhibition. Jacob commented that in the course of creating his works it is his usual practice to spend extended periods of time in studious contemplation of how a work at hand should evolve. 

The works were executed using acrylic, metallic pigments and aerosol and presented on framed custom panels.

The panels are initially meticulously sanded and prepared with five or more coats of Gesso primer/sealer undercoat with a thorough sanding between coats and a final preparation of three or more coats of a low-sheen acrylic before Jacob proceeds with his artistic magic. The custom panel art works are for the most part executed with the panel lying flat on the floor.

"The Sweetest Taboo"  900cm x 1200cm

"The Show is Over"  900cm x 1200cm

"Never Stare at a Ghost"  600cm x 830cm

"Fly"  600cm x 830cm

All Images are copyright Jacob Ryan and are reproduced here with his express consent