N.Z. Govt is determined to spend a huge sum on a dodgy new electricity facility

by The REJIGIT Blog

21 June 2023

This is a Rejigit update article about the New Zealand Government’s proposal to construct a pumped-hydro electricity generation facility at Lake Onslow located in New Zealand’s magnificent Central Otago landscape. A link to the previous Rejigit article; https://rejigit.co.nz/vendor/article.php?uid=kk

The Hon Dr Megan Woods is New Zealand’s minister of Energy & Resources, Infrastructure, Building and Construction, Housing and she is also the Associate Minister of Finance.

On the 4th April 2023 in the course of parliamentary oral question time the Hon Dr Woods in her capacity as Minister of Energy and Resources was asked a patsy question by her parliamentary colleague Naisi Chen;

Rejigit subsequently obtained a link to the said Boston Consulting Group’s report. After downloading the two hundred and six page report and in the absence of the patience to read all of it, Rejigit undertook an experiment. The report was loaded into an AI powered analytical app with the prompt “Does this file in any way mention or allude to the sum of $60 billion ?”

A ChatGPT response came at lightning speed;

It seems Dr Woods and her government will stop at nothing including bluster and B.S. to continue its NZ$11.5 million battery feasibility study. It seems hell-bent on implementing the Lake Onslow project regardless of the “estimated” cost which currently stands at an eye-watering NZ$15.7 Billion ($15,700,000,000) together with a significant environmental impact.