​International dog photography competition

by The REJIGIT Blog

November 2023

The Dog Photographer of the Year Competition comprises four categories: Portraits and Landscapes, Action, Studio and Dogs and People. The founders of the competition are Audrey Balot and Claudio Piccoli.

First-place winners in each category receive a €500 cash prize, a trophy, a fine art print of their winning photo and photography equipment from Sabatini and Manfrotto.

The 2023 competition results were announced recently and the event was conducted with the support of Celebra, Profoto (photography lighting kits) and Dog Photography Masters (online courses in editing, lighting and shooting dog photos) and the competition generated 1,440 entries from more than 50 countries.

The judges for this year’s competition were Audrey Bellot, Claudio Piccoli, Travis Patenaude, Iza Łysoń, Heike Willers, Christina Lauder and Emilio Cuenca.

The title image was a finalist in the Action category: "Fly High In The Sky" by Anne-Laurie Léger and Border Collie from Canada.

Some of the other outstanding winners and finalists;

Finalist in the Action category: "Golden Girls" By Rosalind Phang from France. A Malinois and a Belgian Shepherd.

Third Place in the Studio category: "Puppy Love" By Tuss Bennergård from Sweden. Three weeks old Great Dane puppies.

Third Place in the Dogs and People category: "Timber's Tribute" By Jane Thomson from Canada.

Finalist in the Action category: "Summer" by 贺 华培 from China.

Finalist in the Studio category: "Vitamin Ball" By Iulia Tulcinscaia from Poland.

Finalist in the Studio category: "Sing My Song" By Klaus-Peter Selzer from Germany.

Finalist in the Dogs and People category: "The Afghan Bride" By Sandra Ferwerda from The Netherlands.

First Place in the Dogs and People category: "Caravaggio Today" By Mercury Megaloudis from Australia.

First Place in the Action category: “Stop Your Motion” by Jacqueline Rüdiger.

First Place in the Portrait and Landscape category. "Ascending Serenity” by Sanna Sander from Sweden and featuring an Azakwakh (a West African Sighthound).

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